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location: Watford Junction Station
purpose: Volkswagen’s New car the T-Roc.
As a keen car & photography enthusiast, the way this billboard has been functioned creates all the attention towards the new “T-Roc”. The slogan itself is very fitting with the image “born confident”. This I presume represents the baby ram and its characteristics linking with the car and also potentially suggesting that it is a hatchback. Which probably aims to target predominantly a younger male audience between the ages of 25-34. My personal opinion is that the car itself is very stylish and comparisons with the “Lamborghini Urus” comes to mind. Although it probably aims to do so because VW is Lamborghini’s parent company. The advert itself is positioned on a train station in Watford, quite a prominent place which links to London Euston, one of the countries biggest railway stations. However despite the advert placed on location for public transport, Watford is not exactly London, and is more common to vehicle transport as compared to public, so commuters to London from Watford probably own cars, and if their location is London from Watford then they probably have a higher average salary too. I would have personally compared it to the Urus in a way not to downsize both models but rather to show the effectiveness of this model in comparison to the luxury the company provide. Essentially trying to kill two birds in one stone, but I understand that both entities are operated separately, and that Lamborghini don’t advertise on billboards in Watford. I like the: Slogan, Picture, Location & Written information & Font.
rating: 8/10
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