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I’ve been told that some people think it’s kinda complimentary to call me #brave for going to the #gym in my #wheelchair but the truth is I’m actually a little hurt each time it happens. Why?
Because it implies that by ‘daring’ to expose my #imperfect #body to the world and ‘daring to be seen’ in public, I should be #ashamed of my disability. But nothing could be further from the truth. ☺
Maybe I would be brave if my gym was on fire and I was rescuing people mid-workout!
You might think, “it’s just a word don’t worry,” but words #create thoughts which create #cultural attitudes. If we want to change cultural #attitudes around things like #disability, those little words do matter. 🌎
I’m mentioning this today because it’s ANZAC Day here in Australia. Today we recognise real #heroes, #fighters and brave souls who have served and are still serving our country.

Words like “brave” and others mentioned above are often misused in the media to describe disabled people doing rather insignificant tasks which is probably why the words are misused by the public too.

I’ve been discussing this with a #journalism #professor from California State University who is doing #research around these sorts of things (and more). Not that it matters but it’s worth noting that he has a disability so completely understands the the use and misuse of language and why words matter. So of course he also knows what #inspirationporn is all about.
My search for other disabled Australians with a comms industry background resulted in only a small handful of people so I started looking #overseas. If there are any others out there, please get in touch because we’re few and far between! ☺
I wrote an article about all of this (being called brave at the gym) for the @HuffPost and you’ll find the link in the bio. ♿
For anyone interested in this sort of thing (language, disability and media), I highly recommend you take a look at the most recent post from my #friend @meesa_claire – She is just across the ditch in #NewZealand so will also be paying respects this #ANZAC Day.
Lest We Forget.
#lestweforget #mediadiversity #inclusion #adinclusion #diversity#attitudechallenge 📷by @chicozphotography


  • 42w ago freedompaddler freedompaddler

    Congrats on an awesome post

  • 42w ago bec_mcmillanxo bec_mcmillanxo

    Awww my beautiful sweetheart xx

  • 42w ago penelope_bell_official penelope_bell_official

    I 💯 agree . I also think standing ovations are misused! What I will say is three cheers for you and your succinct captions and thoughts!

  • 42w ago bendynbodacious bendynbodacious

    Ah, yes! 👏🏼We’re all existing in the world. Most of us are using what we have to do our very best. I’m not brave, I’m human. 💙

  • 42w ago kelly.elizabeth.james kelly.elizabeth.james

    Brave is being scared to do something, but doing it anyway. I imagine there are plenty of things that are scary, but a gym probably isn’t one! Great post!

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    Ты очень красивая

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  • 42w ago 68maurizio 68maurizio

    Buongiorno bellissima

  • 42w ago wellnessatworkau wellnessatworkau

    A great post, Lisa. Wise points, well made. Thanks for sharing, especially on Anzac Day.

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  • 42w ago georgina_g_a georgina_g_a

    👌Sí que importan las palabras. Mucho! #YoTambiénSoyDiferente #Imalsodifferent

  • 42w ago parduedh parduedh


  • 42w ago

    You are exquisitely human which makes you beyond brave. The wheels just give ya an extra set of wings 😉

  • 42w ago fibooza fibooza

    Great statement with which I very much agree. The words ‘brave’ and ‘inspiration’ lose their meaning and end up showing the speaker to be a little lazy to fall back on a socially approved ‘compliment.'

  • 42w ago fujuin777 fujuin777

    I am deaf myself. Of course some people think they can understand what you and disablity are thru. NOT! it is different. it is on level of what you can do. I cant hear anything it is only invisible disablity but I can do workout. for you and others works more double because of that reasons. I learned a lot from that. I am very grateful to learn more from you and others because you and others are very strong and tough people. I am very proud of you! it didnt matter what stop you from doing it. it is what you know to do and willing to try. keep up with it. Girl, you can do it!!

  • 42w ago miguelllangel_ miguelllangel_

    Well said! 💪🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • 42w ago costa.jurema costa.jurema

    Que Deus te abençoe sempre!

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  • 42w ago gen.oregan gen.oregan

    Great post, Lisa. Thank you.

  • 42w ago anusaukkola anusaukkola

    You 🆒😸💎💎💎💎

  • 42w ago

    @fibooza I agree and it's a shame they lose their meaning because they are very powerful words that could be used for some remarkable people doing extraordinary things.

  • 42w ago

    Thanks @wellnessatworkau

  • 42w ago

    Totally agree Kelly - wearing white while I drink coffee scares the crap out of me but not going to the gym ☺ @kelly.elizabeth.james

  • 42w ago

    @baldnbodacious Exactly!

  • 42w ago

    Thanks @penelope_bell_illustration - I'm not sure they're always that succinct though! #tenancytoramble

  • 42w ago

    @freedompaddler you're absolutely right! They certainly can xx

  • 42w ago

    @joysprinkler Brisbane in summer feels like the tropics!

  • 42w ago

    Thanks Alexandra ☺ I'd love to read your work if you could send me a link? @alex.r.hudson

  • 42w ago

    I certainly have thanks @sweet.satellite - Her TED talk is one of my favorites. Stella was a phenomenal advocate and her words of wisdom are missed by many.

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    Bella saludos de Brasil ♿😎⚘😙👏👏👏

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    Love you

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    So attractive 👍🏼

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    Beautiful smile friend keep going on

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    Your smile can change the world❤️

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