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Part TWO of the IKEA Laundry Cabinet Hack. For those asking, trust me!!! It’s super easy. I assembled most of it myself whilst still recovering from surgery ( hubby lifted the heavy things ), and you just need 2 litter trays, and sensor lights. That’s literally it!! Not sure if all IKEA stores carry the line, but it’s the Lillangen laundry cabinet. However, there’s definitely some great alternatives you can use instead: blanket boxes ( painted white ), with a cat door installed, so it opens from the top. That alternative would be great for a single cat! 🐱💃🏽🏆 #cathacks #perthrawfeeding #rawfeedingcats #ikea #ikeaaustralia #ikeahacks #ikeahack #lillängen #catlitter #catlitterbox #ozpet #littleleafco #nomoregrosstrays #interiordesignerprettymuch #cathaven #cathavenperth #perthcats #catsofinstagram #catsofperth #petsofperth #perthpets


  • 37w ago chicagoblackcat chicagoblackcat

    So jealous! My cat stands when he pees so I’m always struggling to find the worlds tallest litter box. This looks awesome! Nice work.

  • 37w ago raw_fed raw_fed

    @chicagoblackcat 2 of ours do that too...right on the edge. They’re adjusting to this though. We’ve kept the old trays, just in case. We’ve had a few temper tantrums shits...literally, bit so far, so good. And one of our cats is a massive cat!

  • 37w ago paris.the.lemon paris.the.lemon

    Need 😭 @knottyavocado

  • 35w ago rainbow_paw_memorials rainbow_paw_memorials

    🐶 ❤

  • 35w ago rachelsrawfed rachelsrawfed

    Have you ever seen the show “animal cribs” on animal planet?

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