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...these 2 Amazing Women push me everyday to be a better person. Thank you Thank you Thank you! 😘

#livelifefullforce #Aloha #Hawaii #Inspired #Blessed #Grateful #MagicianKaulana


  • 20w ago keikilaniho keikilaniho

    Awww!!! I love when we get together & share our endeavors! You both inspire me!

  • 20w ago olenaheu olenaheu

    Truly inspired by you both and love our lunch dates! 💜♥️❤️

  • 20w ago jojoramones jojoramones

    My Flawless 😍 @keikilaniho 🤗🤗 U 3 help make our world much more enjoyable & positive!! ☺️

  • 20w ago keikilaniho keikilaniho

    @jojoramones you too girl!! Your smile brightens everyone’s day and do does your spunky sass! 🤪 love you!


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