Instagram post by @mrsjessiesmith Jessica Smith

Sometimes I wonder where hate stems from. Being a teacher, I love all my students. My ultimate goal is to teach them during the time I have them, not only on learning to read and work math problems, but to be good citizens in our society. There have been so many days where I read the news and see the negativity and hate and I rack my brain wondering where it comes from. I’m still trying to figure it out. But, I do know that negativity is like a contagious disease. So, as a teacher I want students to come and think about POSITIVITY and CARING for others. I have made a different topic board every day. I use Pinterest for lots of ideas and I came across this one. “Make a Friend Friday.” Sometimes we forget how to be just be KIND to someone. So, I asked my students to write down ways on how to make a friend and use what they wrote to make a new one that day. I told them to find someone who looks down or doesn’t seem to be having a good day. They came up with AMAZING answers. Many were very simple answers, but it is a reminder to be a light in all this negativity. Sometimes we just forget how simple it is to be KIND. I had a student even tell our principal it was “Make a Friend Friday!” Let’s remind these kiddos how simple it is to be the good. If we don’t, who will? The news? Social media? Simple acts of kindness go a long way, sometimes we just need a simple reminder. #bethegood #positivevibes #makeafriendfriday #jessietdesigns

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