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Thrilled to receive a great review of our recent multimedia Conceptual Concert for music/poetry/art, The Poet Speaks: From Debussy to Pärt, for live piano + recorded voices. ‘An intriguing and highly original concert by pianist Annie Yim’.
Stay tuned for our live video! Our gratitude to Arvo & Nora Pärt, and the Arvo Pärt Centre for their help in our research for this project.
One of the pieces was Arvo Pärt’s Für Alina, an iconic piano piece written in 1976. ‘Poet Zaffar Kunial wrote “Sunlight” in response to the music, a short yet meaningful poem which perfectly complemented the simplicity and profundity of Pärt’s writing’. Full review on @musicartlondon across social media.
Opening of ‘Sunlight’ by Zaffar Kunial
Short rectangle of you/on this prison cell floor/the lightest step to/the nowhere possible
Images: courtesy Birgit Püve/Arvo Pärt Centre; Sophie Baker

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