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I'm feeling a bit torn.. Like one part of me thinks I should redo my entire house, the other part thinks I should just go on an extended camping trip for the next 5 months... AND who else knows I'm completely living in a dream world, ain't neither one is gonna happen? 😂 When you're struggling at balance, how do YOU decide what to spend your time in and where to be present? Id love to hear your theories on staying grounded. .
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  • 21w ago gwynadams gwynadams

    I think it helps to make the intention every morning to ground and center. 10-15min I like to stretch and watch the sunrise through my windows. But if t feel the need to camp, maybe you need to get outside more. Walk on the earth barefoot or garden.

  • 21w ago leelaudati leelaudati

    This room is beautiful!

  • 21w ago bstew_5 bstew_5

    Your house is just beautiful! I find balance every morning taking a walk and watching the sun come’s a nice quiet time when I can process my day and put together all the pieces😎💪🏼

  • 21w ago victoriamcl victoriamcl

    Our house burned down and we lost everything. Things that can never be replaced, pictures and things we had collected over the years. We were very lucky to have good insurance but sometimes I miss our old home with our old stuff but I also remember living there wishing we could redecorate. Just be kind to yourself and vacation a little and redecorate a little, if you want.

  • 21w ago carriemedlyn carriemedlyn

    @therusticfarmhouse Ha!!! I meant dressers.

  • 21w ago vickijanemills vickijanemills


  • 21w ago thecountrybarn thecountrybarn

    I am in love with that wallpaper

  • 21w ago sariefowler sariefowler

    Love this room. I wouldn't change a thing! 😍

  • 21w ago fermaholiveira fermaholiveira

    Always choose people over things : )

  • 21w ago janemackeane janemackeane

    Sometimes having a creative mind can be draining, especially when the ideas never stop flowing. I know that I need to find my time out switch. I have so many projects to get to that have been put on hold while watching grandbabies, new pups, and a handy but exhausted hubs, and $$. You may be unsettled in your home right now but to the rest of us it's beautiful. Think we need to Spring

  • 21w ago poradacountryhome poradacountryhome

    Though I am not consistent about doing this, I once read that we should spend time in nature every day. Maybe take a walk or spend time in the yard. This may help you find balance. When the weather is nice I like to enjoy my morning cuppa outside.

  • 21w ago esawyerstudio esawyerstudio

    First off I wouldn't change a thing. This room is cozy and always draws me in. When I find myself going in too many directions that means it's time to get outside. Nature always brings me fresh inspiration and restores my focus.

  • 21w ago qianyu191 qianyu191


  • 21w ago pimp_my_home pimp_my_home

    Love this & your feed! Looking forward to seeing more og your little squares ❤

  • 21w ago count_the_blessings_ count_the_blessings_

    Thank you thank you so much

  • 21w ago tlp536 tlp536

    If ten feel that way when I’m on SM too much. Sometimes you just need to take a step backwards from too much inspiration. Your house is lovely. You’re doing a great job. You are not alone I have the same struggles. Camping sounds great!

  • 21w ago islandretrieverhomes islandretrieverhomes

    That Wallpaper is everything! 🙌🏻💕

  • 20w ago jgrl0973 jgrl0973

    That looks like such a cozy corner. I L💙ve the blues with the white. And this is a great topic of discussion with lots of helpful insight in the comments 😊 I struggle with "balance" alot. I am a day dreamer creative type who is also a busy mom and a wife. Everyday routine plus this extra long "winter" we are having in NH can really be a downer. I thing change is good, sometimes we just need a change in scenery for a bit!

  • 20w ago lucybellsve lucybellsve


  • 20w ago texashillcountryfarmhouse texashillcountryfarmhouse

    Oh I LOVE the blues! Just so pretty!

  • 20w ago ninalovesparis ninalovesparis

    Very beautiful. 🌺🌸🌺 xx Nina

  • 20w ago ottercreekacres ottercreekacres

    Your house is very pretty. I wouldn’t change it

  • 20w ago twelvetwomarket twelvetwomarket

    Love that wall paper!

  • 20w ago rachkarch rachkarch

    LOVE the wee footstool!!

  • 20w ago kcarracher kcarracher

    I think spring fever is causing the feeling you want to change everything. Once you go camping you come home and see your home with fresh new eyes and love it.

  • 20w ago sunriseside1 sunriseside1

    Love the touch of wallpaper

  • 20w ago lalaburkey lalaburkey

    Can you tell me where this rug came from 😍

  • 20w ago white_mountain_woman white_mountain_woman

    I put out fires first, then do what I can. I’m definitely voting for the camping trip!

  • 20w ago whatsthiss1 whatsthiss1

    Cozy and beautiful

  • 20w ago

    Love the wallpaper

  • 20w ago craftyliz71 craftyliz71

    Enjoy your beautiful creation! Go camping ⛺️

  • 20w ago nanna_with2n nanna_with2n

    Leave it as is. It’s a beautiful room.

  • 20w ago jessy_oldroyd jessy_oldroyd


  • 20w ago kenshicandles kenshicandles

    Looks amazing

  • 20w ago vintagewhitefarmhouse vintagewhitefarmhouse

    Love that wallpaper!

  • 20w ago prettychalking prettychalking

    The textures are fabulous! 😍

  • 20w ago homeandpine homeandpine

    Take a long nature walk! Always helps me🍃

  • 20w ago krla.erz krla.erz

    Nice room

  • 19w ago hmiles hmiles


  • 19w ago prayersforbaby prayersforbaby

    Stopping, sitting in the "is-ness" of the moment, and taking the path of least resistance always works for me!


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