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Phidippus audax (Bold Jumping Spider) embryo still in development. You are looking straight at the top of it's head. (it's laying on it's backside a bit) The chelicerae, the metallic green/blue mouth parts you normally see as an adult, are slightly developed, as are the legs. Still no eyes.

It's laying on the tip of a soft paintbrush, photographed with a camera phone through a webcam lens I taped to the front.
This was long before I'd been able to buy any kind of point and shoot, let alone a dSLR camera. I was so inspired by Thomas Shahan's work, and I desperately wanted to see the tiny world my eyes couldn't, even if I didn't have traditional gear. I had to find a way to get macro photos, and this was actually one of my very favorite setups.
I need to find that lens again. 😂 time to hit up Ebay.

Also, this spiderling was the result of a breeding project I was doing with the spiders I collected while searching for the 'P. octopunctatus' of Washington State. Having no luck finding that species that time, I brought home a bunch of P. audax adults instead to keep as pets. I'd wanted to know what courtship looked like, and how mothers tended to eggsacs and young.
I learned so much about them! One of the batches was artificially incubated when the mother made an imperfect eggsac, as the eggs had fallen out. That was also a cool experience. I spent countless hours making observations of their development since I could see them on a whim.
I will post photos of the egg and the post-embryos later.

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  • 30w ago psycho_arachnid psycho_arachnid

    This so cool

  • 30w ago shannonbowley_nature shannonbowley_nature

    @psycho_arachnid it was really neat to be able to see those tiny changes!

  • 30w ago mnochisaki14 mnochisaki14

    We should talk phids sometime! I have some interesting things I've found about them and years working with audax specifically

  • 30w ago papa_shawty papa_shawty

    This photo is nothing short of Sheer Awesomeness!!!!!!!! Your story is identical to mine, from start to finish. My story started four years ago when I bumped into my first P.audax. I was instantly enamoured by their beauty and seeming intelligence. After a long winter without any Audax to observe and shoot....I went near insane. So I decided to raise my own. By chance I experimented and designed my own macro lens(from an old pair of binoculars). I’ve produced some great photos with the little equipment I have and hope to one day get some high end gear. It’s great to see that there are other people who share the same obsessive need to see and record nature’s beauty. :)

  • 30w ago shannonbowley_nature shannonbowley_nature

    @papa_shawty I'd love to see your binocular lens setup! That's one I've never heard of. Curiosity and determination will often take you down some very interesting and rewarding paths. Are the photos you are posting taken with that setup?

  • 30w ago shannonbowley_nature shannonbowley_nature

    @mnochisaki14 sure thing! I'd really like to know what you have observed about them. It seems everyone who comes across them takes away something slightly different after having them in their lives for extended periods of time, which is really amazing.

  • 30w ago momalusk momalusk

    Marvelous! I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of your spider babies, and hopefully your cool lense setup.

  • 30w ago papa_shawty papa_shawty

    @shannonbowley_nature believe it or not it is what I have been using for 2 of the 3 years I’ve been posting. I was using a Canon macro/zoom prior but found I could get closer with a fixed 50 and my homemade loop lens.

  • 30w ago kimberlymzamlich kimberlymzamlich

    You are one odd lady, Lady😆

  • 30w ago xhovavx xhovavx

    Exquisite macro shot. Love the details you managed to capture. 👌


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