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Catch me on IG LIVE tomorrow 12-12:30 pm Los Angeles time! I’m going to answer some of your questions and address, ahem, some of the rumors. ✌️🤓 Submit Qs below!


  • 37w ago lil.lauraaaaa lil.lauraaaaa

    @atimeforwolves they discontinued perlees too. I hope they bring them back because i love them!

  • 37w ago stubborngrays stubborngrays

    You're so cute!!

  • 37w ago makeupmermaidcosplay makeupmermaidcosplay

    You’ve joined the red side.

  • 37w ago shellyrizo shellyrizo

    @kimmykittyluvsyooh it's cute but I wouldn't wear it is to much for me.

  • 37w ago glitter_wand glitter_wand

    will you do purple hair again soon? 😍💜

  • 37w ago stefhanny_sl stefhanny_sl

    She looks like you @stanzalove46 if you have red hair

  • 37w ago spacepatch spacepatch

    You look DELICIOUS ! ❤️☺️🍉

  • 37w ago sykurprincess sykurprincess

    can’t wait!

  • 37w ago atimeforwolves atimeforwolves

    @laurabella_rocket_qween yeah I love their traditional stick lipstick formula!! And i loved the perlees packaging too !

  • 37w ago doedeere doedeere

    @sailorspookyghoul Feel free to join me for my Live chat today and ask questions.

  • 37w ago doedeere doedeere

    @hello_angie23 Please feel free to participate and ask me whatever you like. 😊

  • 37w ago doedeere doedeere

    @moonbeambailey I always do so those who missed it can watch it for 24 hrs. 😊

  • 37w ago makeupwithsy makeupwithsy

    Omg I need that dress!!!

  • 37w ago w.i.llow_rhiannon w.i.llow_rhiannon

    I've just been recently noticing that everytime I look for a product its gone. So I come here and ask were it is, and I find its discontinued. I was wondering of you could make a new page on the site, where all the items that are to be discontinued are?

  • 37w ago wildwestwilma wildwestwilma

    Your dress looks gorgeous!! Can we see a sneak peak of an upcoming product? Much love to you, Doe! 💕💜

  • 37w ago bintagemermaid bintagemermaid

    Where is this dress?

  • 37w ago vitothechihuahua vitothechihuahua

    Do you send PR to the YTube influencers? Any possibility of a collaboration?

  • 37w ago tarynlaronson tarynlaronson

    The dress?!?

  • 37w ago lore.perz lore.perz

    Will you do an appearance at Phame Expo this year?

  • 37w ago pinkbalenciagacrocs pinkbalenciagacrocs

    Will limecrime be at genbeauty la and sf?

  • 37w ago deziluproductions deziluproductions

    @asterbilly this red!

  • 37w ago shopawildguess shopawildguess


  • 37w ago hollielahti hollielahti


  • 37w ago rachellaine22 rachellaine22

    @lindseydish you would rock this outfit!

  • 37w ago snsnmq snsnmq

    We need a matte palette with the amazing colors of your dress @doedeere

  • 37w ago loveiris_ loveiris_


  • 37w ago ashleylove_13 ashleylove_13

    Is there going to be anymore velvetines?

  • 37w ago leann_unixcorn leann_unixcorn

    Can u also adress how you find time to decorate and garden while your a company owner? Im interested on how you juggle it 💗

  • 37w ago foxeyloxbykiera foxeyloxbykiera

    Love this look!!

  • 37w ago sonatalicious sonatalicious

    Gorveous look! Can you please tell what brand is the dress?

  • 37w ago theporcelain_princess theporcelain_princess


  • 37w ago _snowbunny114 _snowbunny114


  • 37w ago ja_zeera ja_zeera

    You are so beautiful

  • 37w ago thelisaskye thelisaskye

    Will this be posted for anyone who missed it? :(

  • 36w ago lotuslovelace lotuslovelace

    Girl your SHOES 😍💕💕💕 Where, who??

  • 35w ago miss_babelyn miss_babelyn

    I love your dress

  • 35w ago i.am_mikan i.am_mikan

    @doedeere please, tell us where we can find this dress?

  • 35w ago gli33 gli33

    @doedeere So there's no way to watch your videos if we didn't watch live?🙀

  • 17w ago marishhec marishhec

    Меня зовут Марина, я начинающая сельская инстадива.
    Пожалуйста подпишитесь на мой инстагран. Во мне очень много творческиз идей которые вот-вот выплеснуться из меня, и да мне 13, это не как не повлияет на качество фото. Буду вести профиль со вкусом, не какой левой херни. Обязательно подпишитесь и следите за новостями, а взамен я пролайкаю ваши фоточки.
    Хотя бы просто загляните и скажите где есть такие смайлы 💛💙💜? И где я была? В Директ

  • 2w ago fabiola_alejandra fabiola_alejandra

    @ashoolka specially the shoes but obv the whole thing

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