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Yay we’ve finally finished laying the tiles in our kitchen and love how it all flows throughout 😍 for all those saying that these are a nightmare to keep clean, they are actually so lovely to polish up, better than our marble bathroom tiles 🙌🏻 the last photo is them in natural light 🌞.
Before I get a million questions asking where they’re from, these are from a local tile shop 🙂.
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  • 4w ago sarah_shaw2017 sarah_shaw2017

    looks great looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen and under stairs utility xx

  • 4w ago mrs.pizzle mrs.pizzle

    These reflect so much light...they look really good ...enjoying your posts 👍🏻

  • 4w ago deb_g67 deb_g67

    Gloss black tiles are horrendous hopefully light will be better xx

  • 4w ago sylviacampsall sylviacampsall

    Looking lovely , look forward to seeing it all finished x

  • 4w ago no40_home_renovation no40_home_renovation

    @mrs.pizzle aw thank you 😊 they are so bright!!

  • 4w ago renovation_at_no54 renovation_at_no54

    Beautiful. Looking gorgeous xx

  • 4w ago no40_home_renovation no40_home_renovation

    @deb_g67 I hope so too! 😬 xx

  • 4w ago s_hol124 s_hol124

    Where are they from please? JOKING! Sorry... couldn’t resist 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 they look gorgeous. Love following how lush you’re making your home 🏡😘

  • 4w ago paulashomeprojects paulashomeprojects

    Omg I want these !!!! What are they called ..?? X

  • 4w ago no40_home_renovation no40_home_renovation

    @s_hol124 🤣🤣🤣 i read the first line and was like... 😳🙄 haha! Thanks hun that’s so kind of you 😘 xx

  • 4w ago

    Look lovely, how do you clean and polish? What products do you use please

  • 4w ago no40_home_renovation no40_home_renovation they’re not grouted yet but just to get the general dust off I hoovered then went over them with @methodhome wild rhubarb because it smells amazing and they are completely streak free!! X

  • 4w ago

    @no40_home_renovation oh, I’ll have to get some and try , thanks Hun x

  • 4w ago layton.no3 layton.no3

    @no40_home_renovation for anyone interested they do very similar tiles in topps tiles. Looking great 👌

  • 4w ago simsnew1984 simsnew1984

    These are really impressive 👍🏻 great job! Do you know where you are getting your grout? I am looking at Mapei for my project but keen to hear what you guys are going to use?

  • 4w ago no40_home_renovation no40_home_renovation

    @renovation_at_no54 thank you xx

  • 4w ago no40_home_renovation no40_home_renovation

    Thank you!! 😌 We’re thinking of using the BAL grout in gunmetal, we’ve used it in the bathroom and it’s really good stuff, we have some left over so we’re going to mix a small section and put it where you won’t see in case we don’t like it ☺️

  • 4w ago no40_home_renovation no40_home_renovation

    @no40_home_renovation @simsnew1984

  • 4w ago simsnew1984 simsnew1984

    @no40_home_renovation oh great I will ha e a look at that, thank you and hope it goes well😊

  • 4w ago natb77x natb77x

    We have tiles just like these through our kitchen, dining room, hallway and downstairs toilet. I find them easy to keep clean. I've never polished them - they just come up sparkly naturally. I just use zoflora and a mop. We had black tiles like this at our old house and they were a nightmare!

  • 4w ago no40_home_renovation no40_home_renovation

    @natb77x I’m all stocked up on zoflora so will give that a try when they’re grouted :) thanks for the heads up 💕

  • 4w ago natb77x natb77x

    @no40_home_renovation Just squeeze the mop out as much as you can and they come up beautifully. No need to polish ever. I love them!

  • 4w ago theplatinumtownhouse theplatinumtownhouse

    Looks so lovely!! ✨

  • 3w ago _geoev _geoev


  • 3w ago emmalouise.dwyer emmalouise.dwyer

    Can I ask what colour grout that is please? Was advised to go for grey but wasn’t convinced and got ivory but seeing you’d I’m second guessing myself?..... 😏

  • 3w ago no40_home_renovation no40_home_renovation

    @emmalouise.dwyer I actually laughed because these aren’t grouted yet 😂 you’re not the only person to think that though 🤣🙊 but we will be going for a colour called gunmetal which is like a really light grey so hopefully it looks seamless ☺️ x

  • 3w ago emmalouise.dwyer emmalouise.dwyer

    @no40_home_renovation haha ok well can’t wait to see them when they are grouted 🙈 I’ll keep an eye out for them as that’s what my tiler has recommended xx

  • 3w ago no40_home_renovation no40_home_renovation

    @emmalouise.dwyer gunmetal is what we have in both bathrooms on the wall and it’s such a nice colour and dries quite light anyway, we’re using it cause there’s some left over 🙈 I would recommend it over white/ivory colours definitely xx

  • 3w ago jadesladex jadesladex

    @debbie102030s hiya, do you know what there called on the tops tiles website? Thank you

  • 3w ago jadesladex jadesladex

    @layton.no3 hiya, do you know what they’re called in topps tiles thank you

  • 3w ago emmalouise.dwyer emmalouise.dwyer

    @no40_home_renovation ah thank you so much xx

  • 2w ago emmalouise.dwyer emmalouise.dwyer

    @emmalouise.dwyer can I ask what colour grout u used for the toilet floor tiles? X

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