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It’s the simple things in life... like this Star Trek van aka #toyotatoyowagon 🛸 The first time I remember seeing one of these #vans was by the beach in Clearwater, FL and it had a Star Trek badge symbol painted on it. From then on I always called them #startrekvans and they became my favorite old-school van I dreamed about owning one day. Maybe that day will still come but for now riding around chasing sunsets and waves my last days in Costa Rica in this #sweetvan will do 😍 ⠀

🌱Side story: this photo was taken by a small little surf spot you had to cross a shallow river by car with. When we got there a car was stuck so even though we didn’t end up surfing, we helped these people push their car out and fix their tire~ (ok truth be told, I just watched and did handstands since there wasn’t much I could actually do!) ~ but still, it was a right place at the right time sorta thing, though 😜 Oh synchronicity, you get me every time! 🌟 shorts by @mahadevidesign #toyowagon #hippielife


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