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This Sunday!!!! YA BIG DUMMY!
Van Swap Meet & Hang Out
Sunday, March 25, 2018
Bought a parts van just for the ashtray and portholes and now you have left-over shit to move?
Hunting for those NOS wheel flares or barrel seats?
Hoping to swap your slots for some Daisy’s?
Have an old van and a few hours to kill and wanna hang with some vanners?
Free for sellers, free for buyers, free for spectators!
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  • 20w ago termeezy termeezy

    Are sprinters allowed?

  • 20w ago jonesea jonesea

    @termeezy no

  • 20w ago uncle_mike_4130 uncle_mike_4130

    FUCK...why do I live in New York??? I should be there!!!

  • 20w ago _vancult_ _vancult_

    @uncle_mike_4130 I dunno and yes you should!!!

  • 20w ago termeezy termeezy

    @jonesea wtf?!? I’ve had several vans this is just what I’m rolling now

  • 20w ago naydog6677 naydog6677

    It’s supposed to rain

  • 20w ago _vancult_ _vancult_

    @naydog6677 nope, cloudy but no rain!

  • 20w ago billdegaine billdegaine

    My van is packed full of sh...stuff! From a sunroof, visor, overhead console to Coleman coolers, steering wheels and a CB to many types of interior lighting, to portholes, interior dash parts, valve covers and 8 track tapes and so much more!!! I'm making deals in Sunday.!!! Come check out the treasures I've got just waiting for you to take them home....

  • 20w ago _vancult_ _vancult_

    @billdegaine 👆Now THAT’S how ya do a sales pitch!

  • 20w ago billdegaine billdegaine

    Bringing a door panel and my webbed lace for you.

  • 20w ago _vancult_ _vancult_

    @billdegaine perfect!

  • 20w ago vanisthebastard vanisthebastard

    Can I just show up if I wanna sell stuff?

  • 20w ago manvanbeercan manvanbeercan

    if anyone has a hexagon bubble window for sale, DM me!


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