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no bands ever stay together lmao. now fifth harmony is disbanding. i mean just look at 1D. they all end up wanting solo careers. #honeymoontour @arianagrande -M


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  • 12w ago faisalx511 faisalx511

    These girls have a very good relationship it's so clear they'll stay forever

  • 12w ago solabutera solabutera

    I‘m glad I‘m a mixer 🙈💜 Little Mix has always my back ✨

  • 12w ago x.holly2 x.holly2

    true 😂

  • 12w ago __littlebitdangerous __littlebitdangerous

    It’s not the end for us, for directioners. We still believe in them.

  • 12w ago nat_gzmn nat_gzmn

    At least we have little mix

  • 12w ago kyra.bowlby kyra.bowlby

    Honestly after Camilla left I kind of had an idea they were going to break up at some point.

  • 12w ago peachyqris peachyqris

    I’ve always been a fan of bands and it was horrible when my favourite band broke up in 2013 it sucked i’m just glad all time low haven’t yet

  • 12w ago syhanfa syhanfa

    Atleast we have twentyonepilots

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  • 12w ago issabrispam_ issabrispam_

    Little mix 💜

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