Instagram post by @teagan.m.b 💖Teagan💖 Parent Run

Thank you @camppulse for an Awesome Weekend! 🍀Thank you to Excellent Faculty:
Mr. @tophatro
Mr. @reallanenapper
Mr. @ayhollywood
Mr. @eriksaradpon
Mr. @kevinfr3y
Ms. @kristindaniel
Ms. @nomeara
For Fantastic Classes! 🌟Thank you for the Scholarship as I am looking forward to coming back!💖I had a blast despite having a rough start due to being attacked by a TV requiring an ER trip! 💕#stitchesandall #beliketeagan #camppulse #pulsefam #neverletanyonedullyoursparkle #camppulseatlanta #dancelife



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