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Remember this one? 1984.


  • 52w ago baklangesbugg baklangesbugg

    Fantastiskt album som jag är glad att jag upptäckte 30 år efter att den släpptes! Den svenska versionen av Kiss from a stranger är också väldigt bra om inte ännu bättre är originalet! Vore kul att få höra något härifrån live i framtiden 😊

  • 52w ago jokosusanta jokosusanta

    Love it

  • 52w ago verra_a verra_a

    Ja såå bra ! 👌

  • 52w ago gimebsas gimebsas

    I got it!! 😍

  • 52w ago nardonpp17.05.63 nardonpp17.05.63

    Heartland, Run run run, Break another heart, Teaser Japanese, Another place another time, Demon emptiness, Dreaming, When love's on the phone, Can you touch me?, Even if it hurts (It's alright), Heartland Cafe, Kiss from a stranger, Young Girl, Anytime, Mr. Twilight, Rock on...❤❤❤ .
    I've got almost everything about GYLENNE TIDER, ROXETTE, PER GESSLE AND MARIE FREDRIKSSON, and i keep them with every affection @pergessle . Come back to Brazil soon, and be welcome! 🇸🇪🇧🇷👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • 52w ago startravel2016 startravel2016


  • 52w ago bruddesta bruddesta

    Klart man kommer ihåg👍🤗

  • 52w ago perespat perespat

    @muesli_whisperer Anytime! 😂😉

  • 52w ago naty.cuesta naty.cuesta

    Yeah!!!! I love this album

  • 52w ago heartland1984 heartland1984


  • 52w ago goodvibesonlybycdrw goodvibesonlybycdrw

    Missing in my collection!!! Soon!! I hace The Heartland Café! An awesome album. Roxette in 1984 and today.

  • 52w ago annelie_music annelie_music

    Not me...but I got it and it's awesome😍👌!! ( mammas:)

  • 52w ago anders_saints anders_saints

    Love it

  • 52w ago javierbelay javierbelay

    I have it in my collection and it is one of my precious ones!!

  • 52w ago javierbelay javierbelay

    You should play “break another heart” and “heartland cafe” on the next tour

  • 52w ago ammikajo ammikajo

    Yes! ❤️👍🏽

  • 52w ago _michew_ _michew_

    Beautiful cover and i have it in my collection.

  • 52w ago hhelmersson hhelmersson


  • 52w ago jakubidawid jakubidawid

    I think Per is trying to remind all of us - Roxette history had started before Marie joined the band :)

  • 52w ago gerlinde2412 gerlinde2412

    Oh yes 👍👍👍

  • 52w ago maria_celeste_sanchez maria_celeste_sanchez

    Greetings from Buenos Aires @pergessle Love your music very much 💕💓

  • 52w ago juanpinotorres juanpinotorres

    @jakubidawid I thought exactly the same when I saw the post....

  • 52w ago meudtstephan meudtstephan

    It is wonderful. Great sound...the great 80's. 💛💙🇸🇪

  • 52w ago shianeclare shianeclare

    Yes, I have it!!!

  • 52w ago morri.m morri.m

    WOW,die Zeit vergeht...also da kannte ich euch noch nicht.Da mußte ich mich mit anderen Problemen herumschlagen.

  • 52w ago elmejordoctor elmejordoctor

    I got it promotional....😃

  • 52w ago heartland1984 heartland1984

    Really was a promotional for US. 6 song only. Heartland cafe from GT have 11!!

  • 52w ago suzianeplinio suzianeplinio

    I love roxette

  • 52w ago westman.marie westman.marie

    Jag har den också, så bra cd😍👍

  • 52w ago kykling_vingar kykling_vingar

    Break another heart!!! ❤️👍

  • 52w ago estelacosta80 estelacosta80

    @elishacosta Yep

  • 52w ago natalia_paula2718 natalia_paula2718

    Best band ever!

  • 52w ago marieamadeus marieamadeus

    How about playing some hits on your upcoming tour? As @mr_toto_sb said and pic proves right, it's been released under the name of Roxette 😋 *hint hint* Heartland Café, Break Another Heart and Run Run Run could make it to the setlist 😍

  • 52w ago lionelzeta lionelzeta

    Beautiful art cover!! I have 2 editions on my collection (promo and normal release). Btw it's great to hear GT singing in english @pergessle

  • 52w ago pillusan pillusan

    Men det var ingen Roxette-skiva! Det var GT.

  • 52w ago chechulinga chechulinga

    Yes! You hate it, i love it.

  • 52w ago anne6267 anne6267

    Love it ❤️ one of your best 🎶

  • 52w ago shivi1872 shivi1872

    Before I die I want to meet Per Gessle and tell him in person what an amazing artist and composer he is. Sooo romantic!! I love ALL Roxette songs. They have a special place in my heart and every time I hear Roxette (as I am doing right now "Call of the Wild") I get goosebumps. Since Im not planning on dying soon, I have to tell him all this through Instagram 😜

  • 49w ago itjusthappenss itjusthappenss

    I love it!!ROXETTE❤

  • 44w ago ke_kenia ke_kenia

    Oh yes, indeed, never forget all the albums coming to Germany, sent by my sweetest swedish granny 🤗😍

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