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We are hiding somewhere east of Kansas City and south of Chicago. You’ll never find us.


  • 21w ago mwj2883 mwj2883

    You have beautiful children

  • 21w ago timbiggins timbiggins

    I love Memphis.

  • 21w ago tucwatkins tucwatkins

    @timbiggins 🤪

  • 21w ago mommiedearest_3rdcrop mommiedearest_3rdcrop

    Lol. Did you ride up in those mini space ships? It made me nautious when I was 8!! Like a scene right out of The Twilight Zone. It was a fucking 10 hour drive in a tiny Chevy. Still haven't forgiven my mom for it lmao.

  • 21w ago msqueenstorm msqueenstorm

    Let me just be out and run into my #Oltl David @tucwatkins in ST Louis today 👋🏽❤️😉

  • 11w ago andrewbsn andrewbsn

    Home town! Great place 😊


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