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I am not sure why I needed to do what I am doing however I had the urge to write this in an attempt to help others of whom have lost their partners through an illness, and are experiencing difficulties like myself after 20 months of losing my Darling Girl and, to those experiencing a relationship currently.
This is not meant to receive comments, it is meant to make others aware your battles are not alone.
A relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people. It brings happiness, joy, fun and the experience of love.
Marriage is the legal union of a couple as spouses—an intimate and complementing union, in which the two become one physically in the whole of life.
I was not the quietest person during my youth however I was fortunate to meet a girl that not only believed in me, she showed me the true meaning of love, care and happiness.
To witness your partner becoming ill, then watch them go through the hardest times is the hardest experience ever. When a band aid or betadine or a hug cannot rid this attacking demon, the feeling of helplessness makes you frustrated and useless knowing there is nothing you can do to fix things.
My Sweetheart knew the ending of this illness will be the time she visually departs us however knowing and praying we know, she will still be with us.
When you awake, kiss your partner.
When you leave there presence, kiss your partner.
When you choose to provide a gift to your partner, look at them with a smile, they will as we know that look is the most special present ever gifted.
The strength in Sharyn’s heart, the power to hold within the pain and not become a burden to others was the gift provided to us that we will always keep inside.
I guess what I am trying to say is when you hear “that song” and get upset, cry with a smile, to those currently in a relationship, enjoy your time with your Partner, cherish the time you both have been rewarded and, (as my Darling always said):
Miss you Baby xxoo


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