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You just never know what @officialrichward is going to do! Rocking out on the go-go pad is not beyond the realm of possibilities! #Fozzy #FozzyPortland


  • 38w ago akkieiiii akkieiiii


  • 38w ago luc1f3r_78 luc1f3r_78

    I was there.....great performance 🤘🤘🤘

  • 38w ago light_still_shines_ light_still_shines_

    Fuck man come to Houston! Better yet let me stop being lazy and check the schedule! YEAHHHHH BOOOOIIIII FOOZZYYY KICKS YOUR FUCKING ASS!

  • 38w ago laura579 laura579

    Kinda like that time I was only 15 and it was my first fozzy concert. And so I was upstairs were the under 18’s were, and made my cousin come with me to the concert. And fozzy started playing feel the burn, and I see chris disappear off the stage and I’m thinking “where’s he gone?” N I started marking out / fangirling cause I see chris climbing up to the balcony on where I’m standing, cause where we were standing was the most closest to the stage even though we were still pretty high up. And chris is standing right infront of me standing on a speaker holding onto the balcony singing “feel the burn” n my cousin n I r patting his sweaty shoulders, & then you see a group of screaming teenage girls come running and they knock my cousin out the way up against the wall 😂😅 and I’m fighting to keep my spot. It took my cousin another 12 years before she decided to come with me to a gig again, & it’s ironic during that moment I met a couple of people that 13 years later I’m still friends with till this day😊. So yeah..sorry for the long post n oh yeah I had photos of that moment 😊 @fozzyrock

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