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Throw-back to when we were fortunate to observe the Bhejie Pack in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park playing and interacting with one another after they had finished hunting for the morning. #PaintedWolves form very tight bonds within a pack. They constantly make contact with one another and engage in play to reaffirm these bonds, as well as to establish a hierarchy among individuals in the pack. These strong social bonds confer an advantage to the Painted Wolves during hunts, whereby they perform with skillful coordination to run down and overpower prey.

#Wildlife ACT focuses on the #conservation of Painted Wolves as well as other #endangeredspecies and the preservation of wild places. #Volunteering with Wildlife ACT affords volunteers amazing opportunities to see Painted Wolves - Africa’s second most #endangered carnivore species, and contribute to their survival in the wild. Find out how you can get involved:

Text by Fi Evans
Video by Wildlife ACT Volunteer Amie Nevin

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