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Only the most cunning and competitive Spartans enter the Wargames simulator clad in CHAMPION-class Mjolnir armor. Order by 4/15 to get this exclusive Halo Icons Spartan Champion figure and more in April's Arena-themed Halo Legendary Crate! (Link in bio!)


  • 39w ago owen_ad_ owen_ad_

    @samueltangx pretty much lol

  • 39w ago


  • 39w ago buuzzz_leclair buuzzz_leclair

    Link ?? @halo

  • 39w ago _.rcx._ _.rcx._

    @samueltangx they’re actually taking their time to perfect it so you don’t get a half finished game like h5 was on launch so be patient dumbass

  • 39w ago fibrenugget fibrenugget

    @_.rcx._ ok. But I don’t see how halo 5 is bad it is good! I enjoy it a lot so because of people like u who think they game was half finished, a lot of us have to wait longer

  • 39w ago lindo.felix lindo.felix

    Ugliest thing on earth #ugly

  • 39w ago digital.hivemind digital.hivemind

    lmao am I the only one who loves this one

  • 39w ago overload_games overload_games

    @lindo.felix except for you ofcourse

  • 39w ago overload_games overload_games

    @digital.hivemind no man I like it too

  • 39w ago haller_71 haller_71

    @buuzzz_leclair Just google Halo Legendary Loot Crate

  • 39w ago haller_71 haller_71

    @samueltangx Seriously? Tons of people thought it was bad. For starters, the campaign is widely accepted as the worst story-wise in Halo history. It was the only one I've actually disliked out of all the games. Next, the game released with barely any multiplayer content and even now there isn't a single map created by the Devs for BTB that isn't forge-based. Speaking of forge, while it is the best forge yet, it wasn't available at release. As a matter of fact, it took them almost nine months to release forge for Halo 5. I could go on and on about all the things that went wrong with Halo 5, but this comment is already long enough. Halo 6 needs extra dev time so it doesn't turn out to be garbage like 5. However, I don't expect an immature, impatient child who needs to see a game trailer within three years to believe a sequel is being made to understand that.

  • 39w ago haller_71 haller_71

    @ninjakillem I don't know where you've seen that, but you're the first person I've seen mention it. Regardless, the comment section on an Instagram post about a loot crate figure isn't the place to ask for changes in the game anyway.

  • 39w ago goodgamingair799 goodgamingair799


  • 39w ago haller_71 haller_71 Look it up on google, it only takes a few seconds to type in Halo Legendary Loot Crate.

  • 39w ago buuzzz_leclair buuzzz_leclair

    @haller_71 not possible buy this one ?

  • 39w ago tntbuffalo tntbuffalo

    Lol wut

  • 39w ago _.rcx._ _.rcx._

    @samueltangx yeah it’s good now but at release it was a soggy piece of shit. It’s only after a years worth of free dlc that it’s become good

  • 39w ago haller_71 haller_71

    @buuzzz_leclair No, you can buy the figure, just not by itself. It comes in a box with other Halo stuff in it, and the box is the Halo Legendary Loot Crate.

  • 39w ago jpf1014 jpf1014

    Not nice lookin but certainly not ugly

  • 39w ago un2thareal un2thareal

    @haller_71 almost everyone in here, especially collectors. What do you collect it for? Most of the stuff in the crate is useless except the clothing.

  • 39w ago haller_71 haller_71

    @zer0xx17 There isn't really a Mjolnir suit that's superior to all others in Halo.

  • 39w ago haller_71 haller_71

    @un2thareal I buy them for the lore packets, the clothing, the pins, and the other cool stuff that comes in the crates. I won't say that I like every shirt or extra item, but I like a decent amount of them.

  • 39w ago orbiting.thy.arbiter orbiting.thy.arbiter

    Hope halo has a special req pack for st Patrick's day like they did for valentines and Christmas

  • 39w ago mattdines2 mattdines2

    That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Its proportions are all off.

  • 39w ago fallenterrarian fallenterrarian

    I got that armor when the pack came out, glad i did since you cant get it anymore

  • 39w ago un2thareal un2thareal

    @haller_71 fair enough, I can respect that.

  • 39w ago giovanni_lazcano giovanni_lazcano

    Nice figure

  • 39w ago thatdude_snake_bim thatdude_snake_bim

    It's adorable and ugly I like it

  • 39w ago vypermajik vypermajik


  • 39w ago haller_71 haller_71

    @fallenterrarian I think they have the pack return every once in awhile.

  • 39w ago mattdines2 mattdines2

    @david.bl0wie did someone say shit? 👅💦💧🤤

  • 39w ago chrislamalfa9 chrislamalfa9

    “Spartan! Remove those icicles from you back!”

  • 39w ago lindo.felix lindo.felix

    @overload_games touche

  • 38w ago _._martin_._ _._martin_._

    Down syndrome edition.

  • 38w ago bush.luca bush.luca


  • 38w ago vsaucedaniel vsaucedaniel

    Why the fuck is everyone so toxic about this? If you don't like it, don't bother writing "oh halo is dead" "please make better games" and so on. It's really pissing me off. It's a little figure. Why is everyone so mad about it?

  • 38w ago bribrown35 bribrown35

    That’s so cool

  • 36w ago skull_heart skull_heart

    I loved all of the figures that we've gotten including this one, I hope the next couple of crates get some covenant figures. I'd love to make a shelf in my collection dedicated to the covenant army. Especially with all lf the rad covenant themed boxes from past crates.

  • 35w ago pilemon31 pilemon31


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