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"THE WORLD WHICH TAKES BACK TO THE MYTH ERA โ€‹" The Human God : THERE (BhootaKola /Theyyam) - Gejja Sadhe Kepaaaa?? (Wondering on the bell sound)...๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ”” One of the Theyam is called Agni Kanda Karnan.
Agni Kanda Karnan was the son of Lord Shiva. He was born inside Shivaโ€™s Throat (Kanda) and ejected through his Ear (Karna) โ€“ thus the name Kanda Karnan.

He was born to cure the small pox of Goddess Kali. After Kanda Karnan attained the pursuit of his life โ€“ to cure Kali โ€“ he presented his father with more demands. Shiva gave him fire, but he wasnโ€™t satisfied. He bargained with his father to grab many more wishes like sixteen torches, a fire-place in head among other things before set off his journey to earth.

The story highlights the relation and unity of both the Gods, Saivism (followers of Lord Shiva) and Vaishnavism (followers of Lord Vishnu) and explains that there should be no racism among the religion. It brings out the poignant theme that all forms of Gods are manifestations of the same God. The head gear stands tall some as tall as 50 feet. The costume is
made from coconut fronds, palm leaves, bamboo etc. This one dances on fire embers withlighted torches tied to the waist. The head gear also has lighted torches. It is awe inspiring. Ancestorsworshiping #There #Culture #Traditions #HumanGods #Belief #hinduism #natureworshippers #Life #Goddess #god #religion


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