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[Latergram: March 10th, 2018] I swear these 1/3 NLH sessions @mgmnationalharbor were so crazy I can’t even describe it. You don’t need to play higher stakes or move up to the 2/5 games because almost everyone had about a $800+ Stack, it felt more like everyone was sitting with about close to a 1K Stack which seemed impossible when the cap is only $500. However, I saw my moment and played my game with a $200 starting stack and made the most out of it. There were ton of bluffers and crazy preflop raises with total rags; I love it when they try this and i pick it off. Sometimes I really hate driving the extra distance all the way to MGM when MDLive is so much closer, but it’s seems way more lucrative for the additional 20min drive. My last two sessions in a row at this place were amazing! I hope it continues! Good luck to everyone else on that #pokergrind Tomorrow is @marylandlive Triple Stack and I just might go give it another shot tomorrow. #psychologicalwarfare


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