Instagram post by @evad David Burnett

Bucky jamz


  • 31w ago glitterbitten glitterbitten

    Is this a cassette?!

  • 31w ago glitterbitten glitterbitten

    So cool!!

  • 31w ago caribou32 caribou32

    Got to visit his family island in Maine & hang out with his niece. Love that book.

  • 31w ago evad evad

    @caribou32 Nice! Whereabouts in Maine? Is it open to the public? We’re heading that way for a holiday this summer.

  • 31w ago caribou32 caribou32

    It’s now a sort of artist get away, or was ten years ago. I think a room/cabin/spot for tent can be rented by the week in the summer. Hard to get to unless you have a motorboat though...


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