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Sooo about last Sunday night (which is already beginning to feel like a dream since I’ve been shooting every day since I left LA)...I am still pinching myself about the entire evening. I’m so proud of @jordanpeele for becoming an Academy Award-winning filmmaker - making his brilliance official to the world in a way that was obvious to all of us long ago. I’m proud of our whole Get Out family for the amazing life this movie has had. I’m sad about our experience together with this movie coming to an end. But I am feeling immense gratitude for being able to be at the Oscars - which was a night I will never forget for as long as I live.


  • 49w ago iriswynne5 iriswynne5

    Loved the movie! Kept saying 'get out!' all during the movie

  • 49w ago loshea121970 loshea121970

    Loved the movie!! You were fantastic!! Congrats to All! 🎉

  • 49w ago ritawilson ritawilson

    It's so wonderful and deserved!

  • 49w ago margaret_crane margaret_crane

    @jennachapp @bpollockk @davidjeffers

  • 49w ago victorthebowtieguy victorthebowtieguy

    I loved your facial reaction. It was so beautiful. So proud that you were in an Oscar winning movie! Bravo!!!

  • 49w ago hilary.harris hilary.harris

    Yay!!! 😍

  • 49w ago jerelkryptonian jerelkryptonian

    Super happy for you. 😘💕

  • 49w ago davidjeffers davidjeffers

    @margaret_crane 😂😂

  • 49w ago moonchild_gal moonchild_gal

    I squealed out loud when this happened. Best original screenplay in a very long time. Such an amazing film. Bravo!! 💜

  • 49w ago caityclarke_ caityclarke_

    @debstagram_ you want cheeks like this for Saturday! So glowy 😍

  • 49w ago rachelweech rachelweech

    a truly beautiful moment! 💜

  • 49w ago magloper magloper

    It was truly innovative!

  • 49w ago verka_pionerka verka_pionerka

    You are awesome! but the movie is nothing special.. Predictable and full of cliche

  • 49w ago isabelrado isabelrado


  • 49w ago ashleydouglasdance ashleydouglasdance

    I was at an Oscar party and the room broke into cheers for Get Out. Congratulations! And y'all deserved Best Picture, the Academy wasn't ready!

  • 49w ago daedalli daedalli

    I generally hate you just because of the characters you play... that’s a good thing! Awesome film. You rule

  • 49w ago mhmd.jaafoury mhmd.jaafoury


  • 49w ago dwgreenbaum dwgreenbaum


  • 49w ago wfvbs wfvbs

    Totally rocks!

  • 49w ago pennylanediamond pennylanediamond

    That movie will resonate with me for a very very long time...probably beyond my grave. And, the spoon in the has me drinking out of a mug. 😳

  • 49w ago nina_malia nina_malia

    I literally screamed! So exciting 😆

  • 49w ago mauradreamer mauradreamer

    @aw you will shine again in another film soon! @jordanpeele was so well deserved for his Oscar! Keep on making important films💕

  • 49w ago jaziel_zatarain jaziel_zatarain

    Muy merecido 💫

  • 48w ago danielayzm danielayzm

  • 48w ago thejamesmalarkey thejamesmalarkey

    This was such a great movie with its unexpected twist. You were great “Peter Pan” and he deserved it.

  • 44w ago gauri_kantinath_sankhe gauri_kantinath_sankhe

    Wish you a happy birthday dear..May God bless you his choicest blessings and lots of happiness. Stay happy forever. Lots of love and wishes. May all your wishes come true.. Have a great day and year.
    Gauri 💗🎂😍😘@aw

  • 44w ago ferangdebbarma ferangdebbarma

    I just watched this movie a while ago... It blew me away... I just loved it. I am afraid if such hypnotising tactics are true based on that theme.

  • 38w ago

    Nice 😋💎

  • 33w ago jerelkryptonian jerelkryptonian

    Teach us how to make pop-tarts.

  • 28w ago juancarlos38 juancarlos38

    Sign posted in Louisiana KKK 💮 Right????????

  • 28w ago juancarlos38 juancarlos38


  • 21w ago sanjay___91164 sanjay___91164


  • 20w ago julian._.olmos julian._.olmos

    What part did he play?

  • 18w ago skrt_skurt_skuuuurt skrt_skurt_skuuuurt

    @julian._.olmos he's the director

  • 7w ago asiafrancinebutler asiafrancinebutler

    Weird question observation: Did you ever notice that you make a joke in The Mindy Project about the 1936 Olympics in Berlin & that the Berlin Olympics is what inspired the Armitage family to start snatching bodies?

  • 6w ago lagibbs84 lagibbs84

    You were terrifying in that movie! Well done 👌🏾👌🏾

  • 5w ago wolfeyankee wolfeyankee

    Aww. Haha. Get it? No? Ok then. I'll just go in the corner

  • 3w ago michaelxp7 michaelxp7

    You’re very cool🤘🏻

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