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Congratulations to @MindfreakPro for winning the #HaloWC 2018 Sydney Finals without dropping a single map. Team Immunity will join them in representing Australia & New Zealand at the Halo World Championship 2018 Finals in Seattle on April 13-15!


  • 31w ago phoenixgoumas phoenixgoumas


  • 31w ago lriley93 lriley93


  • 31w ago 1jp8 1jp8

    @lriley93 if only we had a team....

  • 31w ago lriley93 lriley93

    @1jp8 we are a team. Good enough to take on everyone

  • 31w ago mobarrysells mobarrysells

    Congrats 🔥

  • 31w ago cobbmason cobbmason

    Semiiii sick halo players that will lose every game when the touch down in NA

  • 31w ago keza_volkromee keza_volkromee

    Only doing it for money. What happened to Halo? Why is it not the great franchise it used to be? Esports is exactly why. Halo had no competition, which is why it was praised. Since Esports and 343, Halo is a crumb compared to what it used to be...

  • 31w ago keza_volkromee keza_volkromee

    We can thank both these monsters for killing what used to be the greatest franchise in history.

  • 31w ago wrenhaven wrenhaven

    Someone should tell the guy in the middle he could be a Leo Messi lookalike

  • 31w ago darkstarethan___no_talent darkstarethan___no_talent

    @bitter_sweet_of_insanity This MLG came from Reach with the "New" Spartan movements. But that halo was iconic. This halo is......not remarkable and long lasting. They do it for money. I highly doubt they love halo 5 unless they are new to the franchise. Retards

  • 31w ago spicy_metball spicy_metball

    Halo wars 2 Tartarus leader when

  • 31w ago samcoombes14 samcoombes14

    Have an event in Ireland

  • 30w ago nostromobb63 nostromobb63

    Where is halo 6?! I need it!

  • 30w ago montagne1234 montagne1234

    Why don't they do req packs for hwc

  • 16w ago lightning__rod lightning__rod

    @halo I’m tired of spartan abilities, sprint, clamber, armor abilities, no classic art style, no classic weapon looks, no classic music, no classic pelican, aim down sights, d scopes aim assists, I can go on and on. Make the leveling system like h3 where you get 1 exp for winning none for losing and minus 1 if you get booted or leave. Also you need 5000 exp and in 50 true skill. I want how h3 pairs you with players your skills. I want the way you earn armor like h3 where you need to do something on legendary and kill 1000 grunts something like that. I want the a cool looking armor that everyone on wants like h3 recon where it’s super hard to get but is cool. I want the matchmaking maps to look cool and be creative and not have a 10 sec counter to keep you in. I want a game that is like the h3 guardians that blow you up with something or shoot lasers at you something like that. I want h3 ODST firefight back and how it gets really hard as you go on and adds skulls to it. I want skulls and Easter eggs in campaign again. I want the forge like eldewrito or halo online where you can do what ever you want. I more wildlife like have the halo reaches gúta and moa in halo infinite. Use halo reaches vehicle physics with h3s multiplayer physics and h3 art style. One thing that should be changed with h3s art style is the mongoose use halo reaches mongoose. Halo reaches vehicle physics mixed with h3s gun and multiplayer physics mixed and h3s art style with halo reaches mongoose. Just update how it looks. Make the game so it has everything vehicle, every species of covenant, and every weapon 1-reach in it. Bring back the h3 elephant. I want every classic game playlist in halo infinite. I want duel wielding back it’s not that hard to balance it. Watch Fayvns video on it. Bring back the teammate marker yellow when they are shooting, orange when they are getting hit, and blue when they are fine.I want all the halo grenades from h3 in halo infinite. I want h3 style equipment. Bring back the brutes. Lastly bring back every form of flood from halo 1-3 and put it in halo infinite, and add the flood juggernaut from halo 2. Put everything from every halo 1-reach in halo infinite.


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