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If you know me well, you know I’m a sucker for old school things. Handwritten letters, mixed tapes, music from the 40s, and have more than once whined about why we ever switched from cute glass bottled milk dropped off on your door step. • ——————————————————————————— •
Last week I was grocery shopping and found @homesteadcreamery unexpectedly. The milk comes from cows in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and has no artificial hormones added, bottled in glass, and can apparently be returned to your grocer for a deposit back (that means $$). So, if you’re into old school things, #zerowaste lifestyle or being more #ecofriendly, mindful of added horomones to our food, and like to save money check them out.
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So, today I popped some @ghirardelli brownie mix into a doughnut tray to bake while I ate lunch. And now I’m going to enjoy a glass of milk, a doughnut brownie, and a few episodes of the Office.
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Edited to add: I just read that some of these bottles have been in rotation for over a decade! First of all, think of how many plastic bottles that eliminates. Secondly, how cool to think that the bottle I’m pouring milk from in my home in Georgia today after baking brownies for myself may have been in another home, somewhere else, years ago. Maybe by a newlyweds making breakfast, baking a first birthday cake, or poured by little hands to leave milk and cookies for Santa. I wonder how many homes this bottle has had the honor to be in. The lives it’s witnessed. I think it’s pretty cool.


  • 23w ago __hunter_hansen__ __hunter_hansen__

    This is definitely cool. I too, miss the old milk days.

  • 23w ago shadeofblue shadeofblue

    Love this all and pretty cool that the milk comes from my home state/“neck of the woods !! Blue Ridge mnts!💙


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