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The Grand Finals of the #HaloWC 2018 Sydney Finals have arrived! The rematch of the rivals, @MindfreakPro & Team Immunity, is about to go down. Watch them battle it out on,, &! (Link in our bio!)

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  • 53w ago figueroamirandacristopher figueroamirandacristopher

    🙌🙌🙌 yupi ya mero es lo de México

  • 53w ago theguyable22 theguyable22

    Is there going to be another emblem. I watched to Orlando Championships and didn't get one or didn't know how.

  • 53w ago xblcrossfire xblcrossfire

    Halo 3 >

  • 53w ago the_real_npv the_real_npv

    Always a fan WILL always be a fan

  • 53w ago sfbrown488 sfbrown488

    Bring back a way to get the Halo 5 Championship armor, damnit. Sick of having my armor unlocks at 99%!!!

  • 38w ago lightning__rod lightning__rod

    @halo For mcc u should make the game connect to the original Xbox 360 servers. But somehow make mcc 60 FPS and 360 the 30fps but make it work.
    Like if click on a game like halo 3. It loads up like if u clicked on halo 3 on 360. So basically 4 separate games so u don’t have swat mixed with halo 2,3, and 4 swat. Just if u wanna play h4 swat instead of it being mixed up. idk just make it like halo reach where the game is backwards compatible so if your friends don’t have a Xbox one u can still play with them. I also want all my old maps from halo reach. Also make halo 2 anniversary’s terminal cutscenes in the game and not take u to the halo channel. It would also be cool if it’s was called halo waypoint again. If you add reach in the way I said make forge better so you can spawn basically everything even campaign vehicles. Basically make it like h5 forge but with the same menu layout and controls. Fix how laggy everything is. Fix the wrath in h2 anniversary cause when you break the thing off the side of the wing it still has the lights so they are floating. Make the mcc have a ranking system and leveling system like h3. Where you win and u get 1 exp you lose and you get nothing. You need 50 true skill and 5000 exp. If you leave or get booted you will lose one exp. also make it so the games on mcc are backwards compatible. Make it so you have to earn your armor in mcc. If you add halo reach in the way that I said up date the forge so they layout of the menu and controls are the same. Make it so you can spawn vehicles from any game you can have the new mongoose and the old one. Make it so u can do what ever you want. Even disabling barriers in a map but make it so we can spawn the h5 mongoose and the halo reach mongoose. Do that with all the vehicles. Make it so u can spawn AIs. Add party up systems to the mcc. And add a population counter with the world map. Fix the warthog h2 anniversary it’s broken and it’s always shifting up in gears for no reason and you can’t hear vehicles in the distance so if you could fix that it would be nice cause I don’t like getting splattered. Make it like halo 3 and reach where you c an here them in the distance.

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