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Must Read 👇 As we recover from the #internationalwomensday hangover.
This. Message. Is. The. Truth.
#regram @wedreamoficecream and follow her because she's that woman who is the one to lead the way.
Today is bittersweet. #womensday is hard to celebrate when we are still so repressed, physically/emotionally beaten, manipulated, commodified, paid less, and conveniently left out of history. I’d like to see more female artists celebrated, more female philosophers taught in college, more women in school learning maths and science, and more female exhibits in the major museums! Men do not need a day because every day is an education about men. We look for change, we look to fight against the hypocrisies we’ve been taught are human nature. We’ve been taught that sex, passion, and intelligence is shameful. We’ve been taught that we are crazy, wild, ridiculous and to apologize for being ourselves. I am thankful today is women’s day, but I’d like to get to a point where we don’t need a specific day to teach others about the strength of women. #feminism #feminist #equalrights #equalpay #sexworkisrealwork #teachmennottorape


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    This is how I felt all day—I support and applaud the positive posts—but why can’t we feel/post/expect the same EVERY DAY?!

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