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Gotta a sweet throw back cosplay list coming in for #A-kon and maybe #ax2018 #blame#kaneda#goofy#agoofymovie#standout#disney#anime#akira#cosplay#sony#animeexpo#max


  • 27w ago day_the_mole_dude day_the_mole_dude

    God dude I cannot wait to see killy

  • 27w ago yokai_hunter yokai_hunter

    I'm doing leather instead of the plastic onesies that most do. I think it'll give it more of an asthetic look

  • 27w ago niwatori93 niwatori93


  • 27w ago toast.daddy toast.daddy

    I got a Kaneda jacket in L and XL. I also have the brown leather gloves and googles. Hit me up if you need a hookup.

  • 27w ago yokai_hunter yokai_hunter

    Sadly my A-kon trip was cancelled but I will see everyone at other local cons and AX of course

  • 27w ago yokai_hunter yokai_hunter

    @divineraccoon yes please!!! I will buy them off you lol

  • 27w ago yokai_hunter yokai_hunter

    Ok so also the max cosplay is going to have to wait. I'm changing it to another cosplay that I will announce soon


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