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Our @ribcap #headprotection is getting widely appreciated by #neurologists #therapists #rehab #specialist ...because we’re the first in offering a good looking #medicaldevice for people with a higher #fallrisk #epilepsy #neurology #autism @deptvetaffairs #va #headprotection #helmet


  • 19w ago biobite biobite

    Goeie muts en gebruiken wij ook!

  • 19w ago autistictudor1 autistictudor1

    Been wearing my hardy ribcap everyday since I got it in January. As an autistic person who has meltdowns that involve head banging and head hitting and as a person with Tourette’s that include tics that hit my head and tic storms (seizure like episodes) that include head banging. My ribcap has helped so much. I plan to get another hardy but in a different colour.
    I also love how the small sun visor at the front stays up or folds down as with being autistic I am sensitive to light and this helps but sometimes I want it to stay up to. Love it all round.

  • 19w ago rosariascreations rosariascreations

    Wish these were more affordable

  • 19w ago ribcap ribcap

    @autistictudor1 Thank you for the review!

  • 18w ago festivegiftfair festivegiftfair

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