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Electric Dreams πŸ’™ There's a new sci-fi tv show by this name ( @pkdamazon); it's an adaptation of Philip K. Dick's short stories, each episode is a different trip! Themes are futuristic, spiritual, philosophical, watching it you open a window to a parallel reality, where different things are possible, mind can be blown, heart can expand, imagination can go wild, if you let it πŸ˜‰ Some of the episodes can be quite disturbing but some of them really fucking beautiful.
Following is my wild reflection upon the episode called #HumanIs
I just watched episode no 6, it was so amazing, it was about human race in 2576, living in a mainly destruced environment, we still have military and what's left of the government, one of the main bastion of Terra/Earth is shown.

Military Government is still trying to conquer other planets, driven by the need of resources to maintain life on Earth. We can see how the lack and fear-based mentality is really the cause of situation the humanity has found itself in. We developed super technology (well, not the potentially highest in my opinion) but we have lost what's fundamental to our humanity, the goodness, kindness, love, things making us into living gods and godesses, in other words, the best versions of ourselves πŸ’Ÿ. In that reality however we chose a different path, to say lightly 😏, we still haven't learned from our mistakes. We still create enemies with the us-vs-them-mentality, so we invade other planets and innocent races, calling them "ruthless savages with no empathy" when they are truly peaceful and harmonious, not seeing that we project our own state unto "the other"; a true hell loop, where things we have to change within ourselves are denied, true problems not addressed, solutions created in such a way that they only create more problems.
Okay, enough of the psychological aspect of that dysharmony (well put for some of the current situations within ourselves and the world, if you ask me 😜). More specifically the story is really about the power of love, the reality of light even amidst the darkness. I must admit, there were tears flowing in my case 😿
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