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These #malelions were introduced into Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park (HiP) from Khamab #Kalahari Private Game Reserve last year, followed by the introduction of #lionesses from Tembe Elephant Park. We recently had a good sighting of the males, which were seen resting not far from the main road, when all of a sudden they started moving with great haste down into a small gully and disappeared.
The females had been seen a few days before in the area just to the north. It's possible that the males had heard a kill or detected that one of the females was going into oestrous. After a quick telemetry scan in their direction, we determined that all the females were together. Before long we saw one of the male #lions still heading north along the hill. We continued our drive and soon caught up with the second male, and had our first glimpse of the females resting in the shade of a large Marula tree. But no kill present? When both males finally arrived, their intentions were made abundantly clear after a brief scuffle. One of the females was coming into oestrous.

The male can be seen in the images below using his Jacobson's organ to test the air for the #pheromones given off by the receptive females, in a behaviour known as #Flehmen. For the next three hours we watched the numerous attempts by the fastest, victorious male to court the female, but unfortunately for him, no #mating took place.

Text & Photos by #Wildlife ACT Monitor @michaelstaegemann
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