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Oh my - such a yummy batch of booch! Second ferment with apple cider. #kombucha #booch #homebrewedbooch #slowfood #fermented #fermentation #fermenting #allthekombucha #homemade #makeyourown


  • 28w ago jenn_frugalupstate jenn_frugalupstate

    What percentage of cider do you add to the kombucha

  • 28w ago passiontoinfluence passiontoinfluence

    I couldn’t help but notice your thieves cleaner!!! Love it!!!

  • 28w ago passiontoinfluence passiontoinfluence

    Oh wait that’s the veggie spray! But still love it!

  • 28w ago donalynk donalynk

    @jenn_frugalupstate for the beer bottles, I do 1/4 cup in each. Those bottle are like 20 ounces I think? Enough to bring the fizz without exploding all over the place!


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