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Journey to one arm handstand 🤸🏼‍♀️Getting closer. Any tips?
Good old days when I used to set my camera on continuous shooting, then pop up one hand for a millisecond to make it look like I could actually do it on the photo 😄🙈 yep I lied. #handstand #yogaswitzerland Music in the background is Hurt To Look by Swae Lee


  • 36w ago maddy_1704 maddy_1704

    wie oft und wie lange hast du trainiert bis du deinen handstand so gut beherrscht hast?

  • 36w ago maluflorez15 maluflorez15

    Look at @laurasykora maybe you can get a tip from her😊

  • 36w ago melaniethue melaniethue

    @maddy_1704 ähm schwierig zu sagen... ich übe seit fast 5 Jahren und alles hat irgendwo dazu beigetragen. Mach aber seit zwei Monaten zusätzlich Krafttraining 3x/Woche, da geht schon was weiter 😊 LG

  • 36w ago melaniethue melaniethue

    @maluflorez15 @laurasykora teach me your ways 😜

  • 36w ago maddy_1704 maddy_1704

    @melaniethue danke :) lg

  • 36w ago vocehaircare vocehaircare

    Pretty cool!

  • 35w ago yogawithgus yogawithgus

    Super nice

  • 35w ago

    Super Handstand! Weiter so! Gern auch mal bei mir vorbei schauen 💖☺️

  • 33w ago kira_103 kira_103

    I'm on the same journey and you have to shift your weight to the side more , hips and legs

  • 33w ago melaniethue melaniethue

    @kira_103 thank you! That‘s so scary though!

  • 33w ago kira_103 kira_103

    @melaniethue Ha A bit ! I hope you have spotters ! Hope you have someone to look at it from a side view so you see what your back and shoulders are doing !

  • 31w ago fai_attieh fai_attieh

    Woooow girl 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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