Instagram post by @sfhfc St Francis Hospice for Cats

Just wanted to share this post about one of our (Gray & Claire) own Cats Poppy as it has been a worrying day. This morning Poppy had her breakfast and all seemed fine. Then an hour later she was drooling and it was obvious that she was in some discomfort/pain with her mouth. So we rang our vet Abdul at Blagreaves Vets and got an emergency appointment. While we sat in the car park we really had our doubts as to what he would be able to do for her as she is 18 in July and has had a few health worries recently. When Abdul checked in her mouth we could see that a tooth had broken off and wasn’t looking great, as well as a couple of her other teeth not looking too good. So she went straight through for a dental and ended up having four teeth removed. While waiting in the waiting room we really weren’t sure what the outcome would be. Amazingly she came through the operation & I am delighted to say she is now lying with us on our bed after enjoying chicken for her tea and is purring nicely. A massive thanks to Abdul, he’s worked wonders for us again. He really is such a fantastic vet 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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