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    So pretty!

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    Oh my gosh!!!

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    Very cool

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    I need more heats

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  • 32w ago amishmorrell amishmorrell

    Margaree Forks; Mi’maq land! I’d recognize that elm tree anywhere. Postcards, metal trays, placemats. I have the same image somewhere.

  • 32w ago loganisimo loganisimo

    @amishmorrell my great aunt took, printed, and colour tinted that photo! She was a Nova Scotian photographer :-)

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  • 32w ago amishmorrell amishmorrell

    Oh, amazing! We’d should talk more sometime. I have a collection of postcards from that region, spanning about 100 years. You may know that this spot, or land very nearby is unoccupied Mi’qmaq land & noted as such in some maps; as reservation land. I know a bit about the history of that valley.

  • 32w ago hearts_rise_joys hearts_rise_joys

    Wow wow wow! Congratulations Logan!!!

  • 32w ago loganisimo loganisimo

    @amishmorrell definitely would love to talk about this more with you!

  • 32w ago theflyervault theflyervault

    Great Post!

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  • 32w ago angela_forget angela_forget

    Congratulations! I'm sorry I missed the opening and seeing you.

  • 32w ago kandisf kandisf

    Whhaaa, looks so good! And we are doing very similar things with images and wood and supports right now! Synchronicity!! Wish I could see the show, it looks amazing <3

  • 32w ago onyahoganfinlay onyahoganfinlay

    Congratulations Logan!

  • 32w ago annabagofchips annabagofchips

    Byes oh byes- some shockin’ good work! Congrats!

  • 32w ago gabbymoser gabbymoser

    Wow this looks great. So wish I could see it in person!

  • 31w ago tamaolevasalaolao tamaolevasalaolao

    Beautiful works! Bravo!

  • 31w ago bradenlab bradenlab

    This looks awesome.

  • 30w ago sailormanne sailormanne

    Beautiful spirit

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