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We look to the Light as our one source of truth. Show us the way. #ThePath


  • 55w ago lore_rocknroll lore_rocknroll

    If darkness falls make me a light. When darkness falls make me a light...

  • 55w ago vaninagarciaok vaninagarciaok

    There will be season 4?

  • 55w ago ambwater78 ambwater78

    Cant wait another year!!

  • 55w ago _red_pill_ _red_pill_

    I could physically feel his tension here

  • 55w ago skullytmcgra skullytmcgra

    I think season 4 will be their last season how season 3 ended with the eye cult and the Christians were packing heat. I think season 4 will be the holy war with the light, the eye cult and Christians. I think everyone in the light would get killed and also the eye cult will be no more.

  • 54w ago zenamonique zenamonique

    Holy shit this show is so good, s3 e13 I literally had tears in my eyes. Cal is every fkn human Eddie is that best friend like no imma make it better.. thank u for a brilliant smart show xo

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