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  • 6w ago mco._1234 mco._1234

    good ass movie

  • 6w ago khajana.posh khajana.posh

    Soooooo yum ! I have been to see 2 times already, I'm thinking about going a 3rd time this week end ,....

  • 6w ago dv_survivor1 dv_survivor1

    I admire your work and believe i can be an asset to your brand. I am a domestic violence survive, and advocate and book author. I have many ideas even one you could possible turn into a movie which will help many other women like myself.

  • 6w ago amerrydrshell amerrydrshell

    Tyler....listen...when you make Acrimony part 2...let the boat scene be a bad dream for Taraji

  • 6w ago iiam.roman iiam.roman

    This movie is just🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😋😋

  • 6w ago berto_de_marko berto_de_marko

    This movie is stupidity brilliant just a masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 6w ago kokolicks kokolicks

    Acrimony is the best movie I have seen in a while! WHAT!!!

  • 5w ago maryuuuumm maryuuuumm

    Man Tyler perry never disappoints!!! Please continue making more movie I always wait for the next ones !

  • 4w ago tiaranicki tiaranicki

    This movie was yet another GREAT by you Mr. @tylerperry I enjoyed every moment so many mixed emotions!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 4w ago libra_flavor libra_flavor

    Loved this movie - how about part two, where she comes back as a ghost and haunts them. Just a thought. But if you use the idea let me know.

  • 4w ago erlinebrown_ erlinebrown_

    Loved this movie, the point of views are amazing. This is one of those movies where you can't really pick a side on. Each character has there why or there reason being.

  • 3w ago lyricallylaren_92 lyricallylaren_92

    Amazing job absolutely loved it❤❤❤@tylerperry

  • 3w ago sontoh sontoh

    I'm sorry guys ..... but I can't get this movie out of head. .....and when it started in the beginning I knew I was one like Taraji........but I ain't going do shit in my country..... coz we black woman are seen as crazy!

  • 2w ago lovette13 lovette13

    @tylerperry AMAZINGGGGGG MOVIE. All your movies are great!!! I hv learned a lot from them... You are the BEST!... 👑🙏🏻

  • 2w ago carolmscookie carolmscookie


  • 2w ago autaruth autaruth

    @tylerperry I watched it too yesterday. Hmmmm,still pondering about every bit of many lessons

  • 2w ago tzphoriahair tzphoriahair

    Watched it twice.....can't stop? Its really a puzzle.Amazing @tylerperry

  • 1w ago diamondollelegant diamondollelegant

    Love that movie

  • 1w ago _sinaiii _sinaiii

    I feel like you have lost the anointing in your films. The movie left me with a bitter feeling and had no edifying message other than anger and bitterness.

  • 5d ago _kearstyn _kearstyn

    I just want you to know that I think you’re a GENIUS!!! That movie was AMAZING!!

  • 5d ago zafiyad_ zafiyad_

    Pleaseeeee I need a Diary of a Mad Black Woman 2 !!!!!

  • 5d ago zafiyad_ zafiyad_

    That would be everythinggggg

  • 5d ago nicoleeca nicoleeca

    I just saw this, and I love Tyler Perry's movies, but DAYYYMMNNN.. this movie is straight, legit, one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I think what would have set it over the top for me is if Madea showed up at the end. #lovetylerperrymovies

  • 5d ago yoofyriverson yoofyriverson

    It's a story, but not just a normal's really bae and I felt it when we were watching the movie. She cried..cos we been in the same situation bfr and it started with me...Thanks @tylerperry . For this story.

  • 4d ago jcieraa jcieraa

    Well done! I applaud you for your realist/creative thinking. All actresses and actors did an amazing job. One of the best movies I have seen in a longgggggg time. God bless 🌹

  • 4d ago enebeli.ebele enebeli.ebele


  • 3d ago fatimaomokwe fatimaomokwe

    @enebeli.ebele I’ll watch it. I promise. Is it still showing though?

  • 3d ago enebeli.ebele enebeli.ebele

    @fatimaomokwe Na it's no longer in the cinema here, I guess blue ray. Sha watch and give thoughts when you do

  • 3d ago msfeisty18 msfeisty18

    I seen it and I’m in all types of levels of fucked up😭😭 this was all wrong no No no 😭😭 💔

  • 3d ago fatimaomokwe fatimaomokwe

    @enebeli.ebele will do.

  • 3d ago knocturnal_dinali knocturnal_dinali

    I think this one of your best work brother you did great with this one is been while since some like this

  • 3d ago duiliomatsinhe duiliomatsinhe

    This One and temptation confessions of a marriage counselor are the bomb

  • 1d ago inyular_inyurlove inyular_inyurlove

    this is a movie ..... well done Tyler

  • 1d ago sheggzy sheggzy

    This movie is a screamer @tylerperry

  • 13h ago _guiltypleazure _guiltypleazure

    How does one submit headshot/resume?

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