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Come Dye with me! Tomorrow’s IG Live is all about fantasy hair. 🌈 Tune in at 12pm PST to watch me dye my own hair, answer your Qs and talk about how coloring hair has changed my life.


  • 25w ago errka__ errka__

    Woah 😍🤤

  • 25w ago crystaljadevaughan crystaljadevaughan

    F I E R C E 💖💥😎

  • 25w ago di_tumurova_mua di_tumurova_mua

    Очень красивая 😍

  • 25w ago eliel89s eliel89s

    Yay, I can't wait!! Is there a new color you would like to try after your cute poppy red? I am using Pony over my dark hair and it gives me the dark purple of my dreams, thank you ♡

  • 25w ago sirene82 sirene82


  • 25w ago dadollitaz dadollitaz

    You look so Stunningggggggg 🦄💕😍💕💗💕😍💗🦄

  • 25w ago femme.gaze femme.gaze


  • 25w ago liz788 liz788

    Stunning shot so besutiful ❤

  • 25w ago hello.mariana hello.mariana

    Literal gorgeous unicorn 🦄 queen 👑 💚💚💚💚

  • 25w ago champagnecherub champagnecherub

    Doe u look soooo beautiful ♥️

  • 25w ago w.i.llow_rhiannon w.i.llow_rhiannon

    Where are you doe??

  • 25w ago clairelovesgeorge72 clairelovesgeorge72

    Nooooooo! Mustn't go red again 😭😭😭I've ruined too many towels x

  • 25w ago cosmicmeow cosmicmeow

    Neon babe 💖✨✨

  • 25w ago angryveggie angryveggie

    Loved your live. You and Mark are so gorgeous together

  • 25w ago notoriousbnc notoriousbnc

    Love please check your DM. I'm dying to work with your company. 🙏 Or just promote for you! I've purchased many things from your company and you're by far my favorite brand out there!

  • 25w ago lauratheadorer lauratheadorer


  • 25w ago darkignis darkignis

    What is the method you use to switch colors for example Blue to orange. Do you bleach your hair to strip the color off?

  • 25w ago leatheleo86 leatheleo86

    I loved the video! It was nice to hear you speak about everything. A lot of great questions were asked that were missed. Maybe a follow up video to show us how it turned out and answer those?

  • 25w ago lunakatrin lunakatrin

    У вас такие милые и тёплые трансляции ♥️♥️♥️ Вы очень позитивная и светлая!!!

  • 25w ago customer_service_snow customer_service_snow

    plz check ur DM

  • 25w ago mjgirl3 mjgirl3

    @jeffreestarcosmetics ?

  • 25w ago natty_brat natty_brat

    Ugh I missed the video :/

  • 25w ago lipstickonteacups lipstickonteacups


  • 25w ago bunnybernice bunnybernice

    So stunning 😍

  • 25w ago exiemel exiemel

    Was there an IG live yesterday??? I can’t find it!

  • 25w ago bintagemermaid bintagemermaid

    Makeup tutorial 💕

  • 24w ago metier_by_valross metier_by_valross


  • 24w ago ulitka.koreashop ulitka.koreashop


  • 24w ago dreadiebelle_710 dreadiebelle_710

    Faveeeee picture

  • 24w ago valerialunacs valerialunacs

    Hello! We wanna bring Lime Crime to a major beauty store in Chile. How can I contact you???

  • 24w ago thevelvetvillage thevelvetvillage


  • 24w ago sharyhann sharyhann

    Hello sweetie!What kind of foundation do you use? And do you usually just wear mascara or use fake lashes? @doedeere

  • 23w ago apol_martinix0 apol_martinix0

    Wow sooo breathtaking 💕💕💕💕

  • 23w ago harvamour3 harvamour3

    This is such a beautiful photo!

  • 21w ago wozniakjestem wozniakjestem


  • 21w ago asteinthors asteinthors

    Can you do one about skincare♡ such youthful and pretty complexion!

  • 20w ago pardonmypink pardonmypink

    That highlighter tho

  • 12w ago

    Обалдеть как красиво!!!

  • 6w ago kitty.zen kitty.zen

    I creeped your page today and wanted to say, mission absolutely accomplished with the unicorn dye line, ive been wearing powder on my ends and its faded sooo beautifully, better than any blue shade ive ever tried😍

  • 1w ago badgalaliyahh badgalaliyahh



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