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I hope y’all are ready for this movie! ACRIMONY!! Premiere last night was SO good!! @acrimonymovie


  • 4w ago ljames416 ljames416

    Why are you say I

  • 4w ago ljames416 ljames416

    Why are you saying those disgusting things you need to sencered your words

  • 4w ago melaninn_t melaninn_t

    Y’all outdid yourselves

  • 4w ago pastorjamescook pastorjamescook

    Nice photo,God bless the both of you!

  • 4w ago iamlaurenfreeman iamlaurenfreeman

    Congratulations 🎉 @dressforsuccessdallas @iamlaurenfreeman

  • 3w ago juneinked juneinked

    Good afternoon How are you doing my name is June I am 24 years old I am a tattoo fashion and underwear model i recently was in the nebs and I recently modeled for the Designer Travis cal and my last video/photo shoot was for platinum men clothing I am located in Kansas City but I can travel if need be I would love to work with you my number is 816-269-2408 if we can ft or text I would love for us to talk I’m also a personal stylist

  • 3w ago sharonpgof5 sharonpgof5

    Mr. Perry, I knew your uncle David. Please contact me. 601.255.8114

  • 3w ago treasureactille treasureactille

    LET'S GO ! ⚡

  • 3w ago slimsmartv slimsmartv

    Awesome movie with an ebtriguing plot.....learnt quite some new words today....

  • 3w ago _carteryoung_ _carteryoung_

    @tamarbraxton ❤❤❤❤❤!!!!

  • 3w ago _carteryoung_ _carteryoung_

    @acrimonymovie ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 3w ago justtappit justtappit


  • 3w ago catsaway1 catsaway1

    I'm not ready to s👀 this movie! I asked sumbody to tell me the ending and I wasn't gung ho to seeing it after that so I will wait!...🤷🏽sorry! @tylerperry

  • 3w ago vegasbraids23 vegasbraids23


  • 3w ago miss_rosinland miss_rosinland

    Watched this in Zimbabwe. Amazing film @tylerperry. Was sad they are not showing it here in the UK.

  • 3w ago natural_kemistree natural_kemistree

    Please may I help U produce and direct the movie Madea goes to the Mental Institution, thank U

  • 2w ago natural_kemistree natural_kemistree


  • 2w ago americasnexttopmom americasnexttopmom

    Great movie!

  • 2w ago kingkarrie_ kingkarrie_

    This was great

  • 2w ago divabarrister divabarrister

    I just wanna say thank you @tylerperry for telling the Acrimony story .

  • 2w ago eminiyinkar eminiyinkar

    Thank you @tylerperry for this amazing piece #Acrimony

  • 2w ago fikewa fikewa

    I never get disappointed with your movies.. Acrimony was really worth seeing. Thank you @tylerperry

  • 2w ago hawksally hawksally

    Can't wait to see this

  • 2w ago wwdsgnewyork wwdsgnewyork

    Acrimony was well cast story told was real and one of your best films!! 👍☺

  • 2w ago melissa.freeman.94 melissa.freeman.94

    I actually tried to tell you. But what do I know? None of your movies are ever going to do the same as past. Oh thinking they can't cause you covered corners. 😂 they gave you the corner stupid! You, Steve, Kevin Hart. Yall are the next 3. Please pray and get back in touch with God. He told me to say fuck you though. You can't have my shit you no longer hear God. You to powerful now all you hear is your own ego.😂😰

  • 2w ago melissa.freeman.94 melissa.freeman.94

    If you bring back God's people he can save you.

  • 2w ago connie.jones2015.cj32 connie.jones2015.cj32

    This movie was awesome!!

  • 1w ago beautiful__pb beautiful__pb


  • 1w ago mrsleonard38 mrsleonard38

    I really didn't like the ending @tylerperry will there be a sequel. I loved the concept of the movie though. Keep up the good work. #1fan #alwayssupportTP 😍😍😘😘😘💕💕💕

  • 1w ago nunda_less23 nunda_less23

    I haven't seen it yet

  • 1w ago mzsoniagarcia mzsoniagarcia


  • 1w ago sheilatheking sheilatheking

    I'm going to freestyle cause I'm nice ....I was in a mission I heard Oprah loves biscuits so I'm in the kitchen working up a storm..the door bell who is it!? Oh no just a bunch of black ppl wanting to eat my chicken 😎 @oprah @tylerperry

  • 1w ago sheilatheking sheilatheking

    Pssst!? Pssssst?!...hey Dad!? What is she wearing under that coat!? 😜

  • 1w ago sheilatheking sheilatheking

    So pretty much the only awkward scene would be visiting a "sooo...umm is everything okay today!?...ok cool..I'm just going to lay here...I'm just a little ashamed we got this far without a few dates and laughter" 😳

  • 1w ago dladyphotography dladyphotography

    Out of All Of the influential people, you two inspire me the most.I want to meet you two ❤️🙏 That's been my prayer for years

  • 5d ago i_am_pecs i_am_pecs

    Hhhmmm! @acrimony, my life will never be the same. It's ministered to my soul.

  • 5d ago tiaranicki tiaranicki

    You have amazing work @tylerperry you master every movie play anything you write. I love seeing written and directed by you. You know how to make each work of art creative and relatable!! One of your biggest fans!!!!!! ❤️

  • 3d ago 7ammoty 7ammoty

    Too much hateness I have for you tyler perry

  • 18h ago temielsie temielsie


  • 16h ago msoferris msoferris

    Looking good 🧡

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