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I hope y’all are ready for this movie! ACRIMONY!! Premiere last night was SO good!! @acrimonymovie


  • 20w ago jilliannicolejohn jilliannicolejohn

    Wish you could make a movie on my life ...hmm

  • 19w ago khayizee khayizee

    I'v watched 😍👏 incredible ❤️🇿🇦

  • 19w ago doseofdej_ doseofdej_

    Fav actress🔥

  • 19w ago mutemasang mutemasang

    @tylerperry I love this movie. Been watching it over and over again.. Robert is more like what I have been personally experiencing

  • 18w ago safana_msw safana_msw

    Even if is just one movie u can see how i will be either loved or hate

  • 18w ago safana_msw safana_msw

    But am sure i will be loved

  • 18w ago nahbila_sonia nahbila_sonia

    @trillionaire_lady_kate calm dang

  • 16w ago coco_sade coco_sade

    Get that baf

  • 16w ago coco_sade coco_sade


  • 16w ago coco_sade coco_sade


  • 16w ago coco_sade coco_sade

    Job well done

  • 16w ago nene_022 nene_022

    Acrimony was awesome, but a part of me wishes I could get a lil bit of Roberts POV.

  • 15w ago jeymsolo_rei jeymsolo_rei

    Very very niceeee!!!!

  • 15w ago jeymsolo_rei jeymsolo_rei

    Very very niceeee!!!!

  • 15w ago rocfree777outlook.com4 rocfree777outlook.com4

    She is so beautiful

  • 14w ago nnekahukonu nnekahukonu

    Best actress in d world

  • 13w ago _therapeuticallysound _therapeuticallysound


  • 13w ago rocfree777outlook.com4 rocfree777outlook.com4


  • 13w ago dawudey dawudey

    Acrimony' isn't a movie..... It's life itself.🙌 @tylerperry

  • 13w ago co_hershey_hershey4540 co_hershey_hershey4540

    @dawudey ain't that the truth! I was like daym.....😞😮🤦‍♀️

  • 12w ago dcarnivalbaby dcarnivalbaby

    @tylerperry INBOX

  • 12w ago smply_silk smply_silk


  • 10w ago kiddiesbutterfly kiddiesbutterfly

    Acrimony hmmm this is life, not movie it's real #tylerperry

  • 10w ago thestreetgod93 thestreetgod93

    CHECK DM📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚

  • 8w ago brunson8 brunson8


  • 7w ago la_rah_ve_ga la_rah_ve_ga

    Can I have the IG handle of Robert's side chick plz?

  • 7w ago prekkydebbie5 prekkydebbie5

    I love you cookie. And you too Alex cross. Lol

  • 6w ago maria_ocheja maria_ocheja

    I learned two lessons from Acrimony: 1. Endure till the end because patience is a virtue. 2. If you ride or die, you're still going to die. Dear God, in Part 2, may Mr. Gayle cheat on Mrs Gayle and may she get no alimony! And Mr Gayle Force Wind is so sleek when he is sweetly being mean. I pray Mrs Gayle gets the same treatment like she made another woman go through.

  • 6w ago zeallaflare_ zeallaflare_

    My faves❤️

  • 2w ago edwardgotti edwardgotti

    @tylerperry just seen it rite now ,an amazing film Tyler, I'm a huge fan of your movies and this one just topped it ,thank you for your films

  • 1w ago pusevila pusevila

    I love you guys

  • 1w ago hunnybunnybabygirl2007 hunnybunnybabygirl2007

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