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Finally home after a weekend of travel volleyball club and the first 3 days of this week I attended a work related training out of town. Sleeping in this bed tonight is my dream! I learned So much at this training that it gives me all kinds of energy to get more passionate about my job. But then I feel pulled in so many directions that it's tough.. Does that makes sense?
Didn't I also recently say that I'm not changing this wall anytime soon?? Well I might be dreaming something up because honestly, 2 years of black and I'm bored with it... Who else can relate? .
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  • 37w ago paintedridgefarmofappalachia paintedridgefarmofappalachia

    This is so beautiful.

  • 37w ago bri9227 bri9227

    Oooooh I like and those aren't even colors I like lol

  • 37w ago agreencottage agreencottage

    The dark walls look so good!

  • 37w ago loved_by_lace loved_by_lace

    I totally get it!! I’m always itching to change things up! Love the black pretty!!

  • 37w ago foxhollowcottage foxhollowcottage

    I love it! 🖤 I’ve had my chalkboard mantel a long time and I still like it, but I’m itching for a change. I understand.

  • 37w ago brightyellowdoor brightyellowdoor

    Love that rich color! Hope your sleep is soooo good tonight!❤️❤️❤️

  • 37w ago lauraws87 lauraws87

    I would leave the black. It’s so dramatic and makes everything else pop!

  • 37w ago alexriddle2018 alexriddle2018

    Where did you get the striped blanket from?😍

  • 37w ago ashlomuto ashlomuto

    😍 Love the headboard, where is it from?

  • 37w ago vintageporch vintageporch

    It’s always so good to be home ❤️

  • 37w ago karenorthmann karenorthmann

    Oh I thought it was very dark green... love💫

  • 37w ago mjj311 mjj311

    I’ve never had a black wall. But yours looks pretty awesome!

  • 37w ago bohemeba bohemeba


  • 36w ago by_hart_ by_hart_

    Wow... this is so full of your own personality ... I love it x

  • 36w ago home_ofmy_making home_ofmy_making

    I can relate to wanting to change things up. But just for the record, I love the dark wall!!

  • 36w ago chloeandblu chloeandblu

    I love the black wall, but I know how it goes...change is fun!!!

  • 36w ago hairsprayrene hairsprayrene

    Go for it - just did the living space (many connecting rooms) in Behr Premium Silver Bullet from @homedepot . Love the cool brightness now that it’s spring and we have more daylight. And at night it’s a very relaxing tone. No LED 💡bulbs. Warm white light bulbs.

  • 36w ago vol25 vol25

    Change is always so refreshing! Especially in a space as important as a bedroom. I can't wait until I can move my business /workspace from our bedroom to my studio. But... I say... You should go for it. 😊

  • 36w ago remindmetuesday remindmetuesday

    @baregrillz we need 7 more pillows so I can do this thx

  • 36w ago poradacountryhome poradacountryhome

    This looks like a cozy spot!

  • 36w ago salvagedior salvagedior

    This looks so inviting. Have a wonderful Easter holiday sweet friend 💗💗💗

  • 36w ago gunnsgirls gunnsgirls

    Totally makes sense! Get some much needed rest love😘

  • 36w ago kimberly_seasonsina1916home kimberly_seasonsina1916home

    it’s so gorgeous though & a bold color choice. 💙

  • 36w ago amynellbrown amynellbrown

    @therusticfarmhouse update on the he bedroom please😁

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