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I've also been making meditation a DAILY habit the past few months. I think the only excuse was when I had the most intense physical pain for a week and I was happy to just be able to sleep once the pain killers kicked in. Oh toothache. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Anyway, here's what works for me:
▫️ Find a place where you can be alone. I wouldn't recommend going outside (too much noise and distractions if you're a beginner)
▫️Try 10, 15 or even 20 minutes. I know 5 minutes is better than nothing but can you really relax completely in five mins? I can't 😂 Take your time. I learned that 20 minutes is the most effective amount of time in my Transcendental Meditation course. I only do 15 though most days.
▫️ You can sit on a cushion or a chair. Wherever you're comfortable.
▫️Try out guided meditations. I LOVE @1giantmind and would recommend it to anyone who wants to start. The app is free and they have a 12 day course. 😊🙏🏼
When is your favorite time of the day to meditate? Morning or evening? 🤔🌅🌠
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