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  • 30w ago yo_its_willw yo_its_willw

    Yo did you buy another suitcase there to bring all this stuff back or did you pack really light

  • 30w ago drunkendrag0n drunkendrag0n

    @yo_its_willw I've been getting myself into doing one bag travel... which means pack essentials, packing cubes, and quick dry items. I would have only had one bag if it weren't for the gifts I was bringing TO Japan

  • 30w ago yo_its_willw yo_its_willw

    @drunkendrag0n interesting. So just a couple outfits and keep washing it?

  • 30w ago drunkendrag0n drunkendrag0n

    @yo_its_willw pretty much... bring clothing that you can mix and match together to create different outfits instead of one orange pants that go with nothing. under garments you get the quick dry stuff, synthetics or wool and either wash by hand or get enough for maybe half the trip and use laundry

  • 30w ago stacieee stacieee

    No green tea KitKats??

  • 30w ago drunkendrag0n drunkendrag0n

    @stacieee lol nah, you can get that here in the states now


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