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Thank you @mia_devacurl for the #DevaCut!


  • 16w ago laticiaxoxo laticiaxoxo

    Stunning soul!

  • 16w ago diyanasharifah diyanasharifah

    So pretty!! Where can i get all the oils that u've been using.. and deva curls yes!! Ive purchased them before.. but because the shipping cost are wayy too expensive.. so ive only purchased once and thats it..

  • 15w ago winnietheosita winnietheosita

    Girl I just watched your YouTube videos and I’m probably about to buy everything you just talked about 😩 so desperate after a horrible hair cut and my curl are so lifeless sometimes they NEED TLC!!

  • 15w ago pjacksone pjacksone

    Beautiful hair @spisha 😍

  • 15w ago curlynn_ curlynn_


  • 15w ago virgin_hair_wholesale_factory virgin_hair_wholesale_factory

    Dear, thank you for every wonderful sharing, every picture is exquisite.

  • 15w ago jackitaughtme jackitaughtme

    I have a dream. That my curls will be like yours... but I think I’m wavy. But I can hope.

  • 15w ago ilmeezy ilmeezy

    Girl u give me life each time you upload a photo ❀️❀️❀️

  • 15w ago lacyyfacee lacyyfacee

    Stalking your YouTube waiting for a video like πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  • 15w ago eusoufree eusoufree

    Do you have any pictures from when you were a child or teenager so we can see how did you wear your hair at that time?

  • 15w ago little_miss_muscles little_miss_muscles

    So amazing!!!

  • 14w ago mavvericckk mavvericckk


  • 14w ago katerina.x3 katerina.x3

    what a qt😩

  • 14w ago aimonstagram24 aimonstagram24


  • 14w ago beyoncemyinspiration beyoncemyinspiration

    You're beautiful

  • 13w ago shelbyyoder shelbyyoder

    @slaylajane hope you find it in yourself to love other women and support one anotherβ™₯️ get well soon.

  • 13w ago linamavruk linamavruk

    @slaylajane what are you implying exactly? That only black girls have curly hair?

  • 13w ago shelbyyoder shelbyyoder


  • 13w ago curly.linz curly.linz

    @slaylajane darling, are you the maker of curly hair? No. So, just stop. Please. Please, do some research, do some reading, educate yourself... over 65% people worldwide are BORN with textured hair and they have ALL KINDS OF CULTURES, ALL KINDS OF SKIN COLOURS... have you heard about cross pollination? Yup. It's a thing. It has been around since the foundation of the world we live in. Stop putting people in boxes. The natural hair movement is for EVERYBODY.

  • 13w ago poojiwooj1 poojiwooj1

    @slaylajane are you serious?? I'm of south Asian descent just like @spisha and I have grown up with "naturally" curly hair..key word "natural"..meaning the original form I was born with, so yes when they say #naturalhairmovement it's inclusive of everyone...please educate yourself before making such comments it honestly sounds like you lack the knowledge rather than negativity

  • 13w ago hsw_99 hsw_99

    @slaylajane women of every ethnicity have naturally curly hair and they’re all gorgeous. Can we not make loving yourself and your natural attributes an issue about race? πŸ™„

  • 13w ago slaylajane slaylajane

    @poojiwooj1 first of all the natural hair movement started for black women who couldn’t get their damaged hair to grow. With that being said, clearly you’re the uneducated one. And I also noticed you mentions β€œnegativity” however I stated that I had no problem with this girl and that she wasn’t ugly or anything.

  • 13w ago heathersaenzsmith heathersaenzsmith

    @slaylajane surely you must be joking because no woman who is trying to practice self love would bring another woman down for doing the same thing.

  • 13w ago heathersaenzsmith heathersaenzsmith

    @slaylajane empowered women empower women.

  • 13w ago poojiwooj1 poojiwooj1

    @slaylajane you realize "not ugly" is not the only form of negativity, read your comment and see everyone call you out for arrogance! You're bringing in race here unnecessarily and this is my final comment! I have no need to argue with uninformed teenagers

  • 13w ago shelbyyoder shelbyyoder

    @slaylajane girl this comment is canceled and you are dismissed. Xoxo

  • 13w ago princessebonjour princessebonjour

    @shelbyyoder yes!!! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  • 13w ago frenchncurly frenchncurly

    @shelbyyoder FOR EVERYONE!!!

  • 13w ago anamiii anamiii

    Love your curls! And love seeing a desi embrace their curls. I'm the only one in my family that got curls and spent so many years blowdrying and straightening. Recently decided f this I'm staying curly, went to a party and everyone was like "omg! How did you get those curls they look so good!" I guess it was all in my head since I never really saw desi women with curls.

  • 13w ago shannie_lb shannie_lb

    Dudes, natural hair is not an ethnic specific term. It simply means not changing your hair to look a different way than how to grows naturally. I love and appreciate your videos, Ayesha. They give me so much hope for my hair's future lol 😊❀

  • 12w ago bigsteve0907 bigsteve0907

    Love your hair

  • 12w ago parastookafili parastookafili


  • 12w ago katstruk katstruk

    Gosh..u have beautiful hair...mine is the straight indian kind that doesnt hold a curl for long..and now that i have lupus and out of a job for 2yrs straight, ive lost half of it...despite my lifelong putting oils in it...coconut, castor, olive, amla, argan...i give up now...

  • 12w ago ridsz ridsz

    YOUR HAIR GIVES ME LIFE. so stunning girl 😍

  • 10w ago ellinasukh ellinasukh


  • 9w ago sassysamosa sassysamosa

    my queen

  • 7w ago

    @eusoufree she put some fotos in a video talking about how oil helps hair.

  • 7w ago insta_indian_music insta_indian_music

    @j.shhep MORE CURLS

  • 6w ago jenstar101 jenstar101

    I love😍😍 your hair. Watched your videos and Im going to try everything you use.

  • 4w ago qazi._ qazi._

    your hair is so beautiful mA😭❀️

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