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This week we start talking about the Open. My score was not what I hoped, like many, but is it what I expected? We talk about expectations based on the work you did all year, where you expect to place, and where you SHOULD expect to place. Does your placement in the Open really define your fitness or your health?
My current score is in the bottom 30%, and it should be, but a measly 40 more reps would put me squarely in the 60th percentile. Is it skill, fitness or effort that prevented an extra 40 reps?
Lastly we talk about training for health vs training for your "sport" (being a professional first responder) vs doing well in the Open. Are they all related? Can they be done simultaneously?
Plus predictions! Don't be surprised if there's no barbell or thrusters, and don't be surprised if we see track running, a shuttle run, or some KBs or SDLHPs.
All this and more! Tune in a give it a listen!
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  • 60w ago jtkerr26 jtkerr26

    I would say you want to do better bc that is the athlete in you. That is what I do look at ppl scores. Agree with The priorities cop and family first. Open is fun to watch for us crossfit nerds and a great challenge.

  • 60w ago fortycaliberfitness fortycaliberfitness

    Admittedly I have a hard time being realistic in my expectations. Even though I know I shouldn't be looking at the leaderboard and comparing critically, I do. You're right buddy, it's a great time of year to be a nerd, but I think the "athlete" or "competitor" in us all can't be satisfied if anything was left on the table. I'm redoing this workout with the hopes of still being around the 50th percentile :)

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