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#RepostSave @subconsciouscelebrity with @repostsaveapp ・・・ When they say the Al'Morocco isn't America 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ question: if the land known as the Americas was the domicile of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, and Moabites prior to the cataclysm that created the Atlantic Ocean and was known as north & south west Africa when it was connected, why is it so hard to see who's and what this land is? Ppl make it seem like the west was barren and empty as if no empire existed on it prior and after the land split... ijs. rp @thebeywatch
Aboriginal indigenous to the land🇲🇦👳🏾🇲🇦
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#autochthonsstandup™ 👳🏾☕️ I'm not an adjective 🎯 #WhatsYourNationality
2018 is gonna be a Muur Year 👳🏾☕️ #KnowThySelf #KnowledgOfSelf #MuurGods #MuurGoddess #Melanin #Melekinesis #KnowThypower #PinealPower #DarkMatterOnes #SiriusGenetics #blacks ❌ #blackmen 🚫 #blackwomen 🚫 #panafrikan 🚫#africanAmerican ❌ #Aboriginal ✅ #Muurs ✅ #Moors ✅ #Morena #KemeticAmericans #Kemet #subconsciouscelebrity6 #EyeSpyMoors2


  • 38w ago lashes_bymeia lashes_bymeia

    I’m from that area, born and raised 😱

  • 38w ago buffalo_soouljah buffalo_soouljah

    Ya but the indigenous came from the other direction... Asia. These names where after colonization

  • 37w ago _just_doug _just_doug

    This #fortnite map is garbage

  • 34w ago elusualmexican elusualmexican

    @therealhytone530 what do you think?

  • 34w ago therealhytone530 therealhytone530

    @elusualmexican i think its false history, biblical and historical. The lands of America were untouched until our Gadite brothers and sisters landed here. They themselves have history that they were the only ones here & they even have a similar story with the Polynesians including Mayans that they came from a land towards the rising sun. Which is the East and that’s most likely ISRAEL.

  • 34w ago elusualmexican elusualmexican

    Ahhh... 🤔 and who would be a great search for this information?

  • 34w ago elusualmexican elusualmexican

    @therealhytone530 my moms father was black and dark red if too much sun exposure. I've not done so much research because there's not much I can find ancestors of the mayans other than "terrestrials".

  • 11w ago itssashasbitch itssashasbitch


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