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  • 30w ago olivas623 olivas623

    Hell Yeah✊🏼👍🏼🍻

  • 30w ago jtmedia1 jtmedia1

    Hell ya!!

  • 30w ago richard_badham richard_badham

    Nice dude, keep it up! 🤘

  • 30w ago luis_romo_813 luis_romo_813

    Fuck yeah! Hearing her sing brought a huge smile to my face! Nice job man! 💪💪

  • 30w ago eddie_castaneda eddie_castaneda

    Congrats ant !!good-job!!

  • 30w ago paulamacaroni paulamacaroni

    That’s awesome!

  • 30w ago motojer448 motojer448

    Congrats! Wish I woulda been closer to be able to give you a run at the end.... I ended up with a flat for the last half of the race. Oops haha

  • 30w ago the_returnof_cas the_returnof_cas

    @motojer448 you were only 5 minuets or so behind me, witch was still close. I was luging it towards end, those whoops were kicking my butt! Lol 🤙🤙

  • 30w ago motojer448 motojer448

    @the_returnof_cas sounds like you might have been faster in the tighter sections thru the first half? That last section with the high speed stuff is where I would usually do best, but I did the same and just tried to keep moving and not completely destroy my tire! Great racing out there! There will be a couple more races out there before summer, and a gp at cahuilla creek mx if you wana get some more racing in before the next nhha round your gona hit

  • 30w ago the_returnof_cas the_returnof_cas

    @motojer448 I wish I could race more races, but I can only afford to do the NHHA series, and I’m only going to do half of them. Next race I’m doing is Jericho on may 5th, then the last two of the season. If you do any riding in Barstow or Lucerne let me know, I’ll come out and ride with you. 🤙

  • 30w ago motojer448 motojer448

    I can understand that! Good luck on the rest of the year with them! And sounds good... likewise if you end up down here or ocotillo wells I’m down to ride!

  • 30w ago classunited classunited

    Keep up the good work pimp!!! Youve always had that potential.. glad to see you finally working it..... imagine if you worked out and put your mind to it?


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