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  • 4w ago _rajanaaa_ _rajanaaa_

    Ooo you kid

  • 4w ago ronaldcindon ronaldcindon

    Le sinciput plaque de hargnosites vagues

  • 4w ago ghoribroadflame ghoribroadflame

    dinfanti e di femmine e di viri

  • 4w ago ianrdredadriedi ianrdredadriedi

    Mit den Augen meines Geistes

  • 4w ago bilalpstci bilalpstci


  • 3w ago kilrajaszulkiran kilrajaszulkiran

    So ubt er freundlich was ein Mensch nur kann

  • 3w ago sofiadaeran sofiadaeran

    Der Menschheit Krone zu erringen

  • 3w ago ronaldcindon ronaldcindon

    con la forza di tal che teste piaggia

  • 3w ago janevane15 janevane15

    @letthelordbewithyou You have a beautiful life with sofia never think of giving that up for a possibility of happy ever after with @kourtneykardash it won't work.To her you will always be untrustworthy and to you she will always be controlling. You are wayyy better as coparents .You are actively involved in your kids life,you are not hurting the only family you have left (the Kardashians) and you are healthy and in a healthy relationship.Don't take this for granted you are living your best life😚

  • 3w ago onthelvorstark onthelvorstark

    Viel wars da man ihn uberhaupt verstand

  • 3w ago charlenej0hara charlenej0hara

    He definitely have a type.. I can’t even tell if it’s Sofia or kourtney .

  • 3w ago perlag214 perlag214


  • 3w ago tilly_14 tilly_14

    He can't have kourtney anymore so she had to settle for a look a like

  • 3w ago pureregal pureregal

    Awesome post!

  • 3w ago beamariekkw beamariekkw

    @letthelordbewithyou - Beautiful car and gorgeous young lady! She is all class, bro!

  • 3w ago beamariekkw beamariekkw

    @tilly_14 - He does NOT want Kourtney, little girl. Who is "she" anyway? You must be a Kardashian fan as you're a kid, the only people who idolize them are kids!

  • 3w ago mark.ogly mark.ogly


  • 3w ago emilylucass28 emilylucass28

    Why are you dating a girl who is 19 years old

  • 3w ago emilylucass28 emilylucass28

    I am block you and your girlfriend

  • 3w ago emilylucass28 emilylucass28

    I am sorry Scott

  • 3w ago emilylucass28 emilylucass28

    I do not like you anymore sorry Scott

  • 2w ago diegocc2001 diegocc2001

    @janevane15 he was an alcohol and drug addicted, with bad and irresponsible behavior, kourtney was too much for him, she did more than what she could, now he just dates a kid who looks like her ex, sad

  • 2w ago dianacorssi dianacorssi

    Tell ur gf 1v1

  • 2w ago dianacorssi dianacorssi

    Nah jokes

  • 2w ago dianacorssi dianacorssi

    She’s gorgeous xxx

  • 2w ago misscarlijay_healthyliving misscarlijay_healthyliving

    This is dope AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 2w ago adorableanimais adorableanimais

    She’s stunning!!!

  • 2w ago ritakh25 ritakh25

    Ohhh hell Noooooooo.

  • 2w ago emalynnnrae emalynnnrae

    It ain’t an AMG tho

  • 2w ago bis____millah bis____millah


  • 1w ago rosiehemsworth rosiehemsworth

    Oh bitches

  • 1w ago mileydavirus mileydavirus

    She's one ugly black bitch almost look like shrek haha

  • 1w ago angelesocampos angelesocampos


  • 1w ago ito_ohikhuare ito_ohikhuare

    @emilylucass28 yeah it's weird

  • 1w ago ito_ohikhuare ito_ohikhuare

    @beamariekkw she's 19 years old

  • 1w ago ramoneduarte7731 ramoneduarte7731

    Is your girlfriend one of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES?

  • 1w ago vionitas vionitas

    Is that Kourt

  • 6d ago suzettecritchlow suzettecritchlow

    Now that’s a beauty that was my first car when I was 16 I was the principal’s favorite I even had my own parking spot because he used to borrow my car to take his mistress to lunch every day true story

  • 6d ago lil_bukete lil_bukete


  • 2d ago noel_raffle noel_raffle

    Prayer for safety & protection

    May the three enfold you
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    Hold you safe and hold you strong
    May the three encompass you
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    Encircle your life each day and night
    May the three protect you
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    Guard your door and keep each gate
    May the three watch over you
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    Still your heart and calm all fear
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