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Instagram post by @bayiishraider "OAKLAND" RAIDER FAN


  • 3w ago rubyroo95 rubyroo95

    Take his blue checkmark too. Bortles stats are so inflated all garbage time stats

  • 3w ago jesuss_r2 jesuss_r2


  • 3w ago muneymyke muneymyke

    Fuck this fooooo. When your qb can’t throw .. so the oc sets up plays for him to run ... yeah real qb...🤪

  • 3w ago ok3y_tho ok3y_tho


  • 3w ago mr.clean_yo_ass98 mr.clean_yo_ass98


  • 3w ago beast_mode_chef314 beast_mode_chef314

    That dude Nick just lost his man card and needs to be bitch slapped

  • 3w ago uncledrew8 uncledrew8

    But has the most Game Winning Clutches in the AFC?

  • 3w ago roemob roemob


  • 3w ago wilber916_raider wilber916_raider

    Wtf who the fuck is this. Whats his ig name so i cn blow his shit up

  • 3w ago dream_chvsin_v dream_chvsin_v


  • 3w ago eaguilar_11 eaguilar_11

    I had bortle fans try clapping at me that he got them 45 points I laughed lmfao

  • 3w ago nathaniel_beebe nathaniel_beebe

    But Not gonna Compare their Completion %, red zone success, TD:INT ratio? There's more than yards

  • 3w ago itz_angel_60 itz_angel_60

    Yeah I don't think carr throws passes at his receivers feet

  • 3w ago ot7_ksmith ot7_ksmith

    Useless stat lmao

  • 3w ago georgecalantzis georgecalantzis

    @gallonotcallo lol

  • 3w ago georgecalantzis georgecalantzis

    Bortles had a ton of garbage time yards before this past season #fact

  • 3w ago lvrd.cino lvrd.cino


  • 3w ago jlollis12 jlollis12

    Fuck that clown

  • 3w ago jpuccino12 jpuccino12

    Wtf is he smoking

  • 3w ago cheke10 cheke10

    What #a cock sucker😂😂😂

  • 3w ago therealeface therealeface

    Smokin crack is bad for you homie

  • 3w ago ianriccardi ianriccardi

    Lol Blake bottles over Derek Carr this guy needs to go to psychiatric hospital what an idiot Derek Carr all day

  • 3w ago cwade530 cwade530

    That idiot buys 8ths of tree for $50 lmao! Fuck outta here.

  • 3w ago izzyotto6 izzyotto6

    Fuck this guy lol

  • 3w ago tre_israelite tre_israelite

    Wow just 238? 😂

  • 3w ago aa2488 aa2488


  • 3w ago sirfrank94 sirfrank94

    Yeah & if our WRs would have not dropped so passes I think....no, no I know those numbers would be different...so fk you & stats!!😂 #RN🏈FL

  • 3w ago canales_96 canales_96

    Bottles had much more interceptions tho lol

  • 3w ago lrose4pres lrose4pres

    I find him I'm throwing hands!! That's my quarterback

  • 3w ago canales_96 canales_96

    & Carr is Mr comeback

  • 3w ago jr_chavez_diaz jr_chavez_diaz

    🤦🏻‍♂️ Jesus Christ the ignorance of ppl I swear. Bro where you find these marks😂 @bayiishraider

  • 3w ago bayiishraider bayiishraider

    @jr_chavez_diaz twitter

  • 3w ago betot129 betot129


  • 3w ago marcus_white13 marcus_white13

    Carr>bortles but Carr is still very overpaid and overrated

  • 3w ago r8r4real r8r4real

    That defense carried them

  • 3w ago jhernandezj16 jhernandezj16

    Lol Carr had like 2-3 less games than bortles from injuries so the fact that bortles only has 200 yards more???

  • 3w ago meester_mexico meester_mexico

    He wouldn’t have said that shit last year! Bortles sucks

  • 3w ago townbizzbeast townbizzbeast

    Why is he even bringing Carr into that? Lol we'll see next year

  • 3w ago raf_269 raf_269

    I’ll back Carr no matter what. That’s my QB. I’m hoping with Chucky behind the helm, we’ll see the best Carr possible 💀☠️🏈

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