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Can you tell it's snowy outside? 😂 This birthday photo is just a little washed out! I turned the brightness down a bit, but eesh! Still!
Today I leveled up - officially #lvl32 now! 👵 I celebrated with a #Dennys breakfast, #DutchBros treat, hosted a party (not mine!) with eight crazy 5 and 6-year-olds, opened gifts and had birthday donuts (homemade by Cam!), and ended the evening with a dinner out with friends! It was a great day! 🎂🎂🎂
This year is gonna be great! Loving my #nerdythirties! It's different from my #twenties, my babies are all older... my twenties were great too, just a different great. Not necessarily better or worse. 😊 Okay, maybe more attitude. Definitely more hormones... 😂
My awesome gaming partners:
@geeky_diana 🐲
@peachyzelda1987 🦄
@pasheygirlbuckley 🙈
@kuestennerd 🎮
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  • 41w ago kidd0218 kidd0218

    Hope you had a great one! Congratulations on the level up!

  • 41w ago geeky_diana geeky_diana

    Sounds like you had a great day!!!! 😊💜

  • 41w ago lucaspwner lucaspwner

    Great photo, hope you had a lovely time of it, and a big happy birthday from me!

  • 41w ago pizza_chu_ pizza_chu_

    Happy birthday

  • 41w ago leonardsonfam leonardsonfam

    Happy birthday!

  • 21w ago nxlgaming nxlgaming

    awesome shot, keep killin it!

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